VIDEO: Watch the Drift King drift a hakosuka GT-R

Nissan Skyline sedan hakosuka Keiichi Tsuchiya drift king

Keiichi Tsuchiya might be happy smoking new GT-Rs, but he has nothing but admiration for the old ones. In another Best Motoring video uploaded last night Keiichi Tsuchiya climbs into a couple of Victory 50-tuned Hakos and gets ’em slideways like the days when Kunimitsu Takahashi would break loose his bias-ply tires. 

As a man who gets to drive all kinds of performance cars, it’s humbling to see the Drift King’s first reaction to the S20-powered Skyline GT-R. In fact, it was watching Kunimitsu Takahashi drifting in the Hakosuka was what inspired Tsuchiya to become who he is today. Soon, however, his reserved reverence transforms into a plume of tire smoke as Dori-kun guns it around Tsukuba circuit.

The second Hako is less precious, but no less cool. A 2.0-liter sedan converted to an L28 with Weber 44s, it’s ripe for a hooning. Mounting Yokohama Advan A038 SSes on simple black steelies is a genius touch that gives it that vintage touch.

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2 Responses to VIDEO: Watch the Drift King drift a hakosuka GT-R

  1. Ant says:

    Much as I like the coupe, I think that sedan on steel wheels might be even cooler.

  2. Jay Hauss says:

    The Black “steelies” are very cool, even cooler is that they are actually aluminum. Retro look, modern performance!

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