VIDEO: Discovery Japan’s Retro Car Kings

Discovery Japan Retro Car Kings

Discovery Channel Japan’s Retro Car Kings has been recut into English. The one-hour show visits several of Nihon’s classic car builders, with styles varied as the cars themselves. There’s a bit of everything no matter what your poison, whether it’s the pure restorations of TA Auto or the wild engine swaps of Rocky Auto or the kaido Porsches of RWB. Info on the cars themselves is lacking, but it’s nice to hear the men behind these tuning houses describe their differing philosophies. Watch the video below.

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12 Responses to VIDEO: Discovery Japan’s Retro Car Kings

  1. Bear says:

    Amazing video! It’s great to see the same passion from the purists and modifiers

  2. Aaron says:

    my work day will begin in 43 minutes 🙂

  3. John M says:

    Always like to see Zama and Rocky Auto – much appreciated.

  4. DmK66 says:

    Brilliant. Japanese cars and Cars in Japan. Loved every minute (except for James Heriot’s confusing and semi-informative commentary).

  5. Dimas says:

    Where’s the video ?

  6. houck says:

    what happened to the video????????????????????????????

  7. Jared Boorn says:

    What about this one guys? I’m not sure if it’s the same video but it’s definitely Japan’s Retro Car Kings..

  8. Steve H says:

    How good is this! Thanks for sharing this great video.

  9. benji says:

    Something must have gotten lost in translation, that contraption based on a corvette chassis never started out as one of the four w196 R Streamline race cars.

    Hahaha, just imagine it would have. The thought alone makes me cringe!

    I love TA garage, its so awesome. It would be so nice just to have a look around there one day.

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