VIDEO: Datsun 240Z Buyer’s Guide

Hagerty Datsun 240Z

With growing interest of classic Japanese cars in the collector auction market and the rising value of the S30 chassis, Hagerty Insurance has released the newest entry to their series of buyer’s guides for for classic cars. Past videos in the series have featured the Austin Healey 3000, Porsche 356 and Ferrari 308 GTS, and the newest addition is the up-and-coming Japanese blue chip. 

Hagerty Buyer’s Guides concentrate on (relatively) affordable classic cars and what to expect from them when buying. They spend time on the common issues of the chassis that a newcomer may not be familiar with. It’s always a good thing to see Japanese Nostalgic Cars in the spotlight, and if you’re in the market for a 240/260/280Z this is a must see 8 minute video.

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6 Responses to VIDEO: Datsun 240Z Buyer’s Guide

  1. Ken S. says:

    “Make sure the oil isn’t contaminated” – Thanks buddy, good advice, lol.

    In seriousness, it’s a well made vid and nice to see a national business/organization spot lighting a Datsun. I’ve had Hagerty on my 240z for few years now, no complaints yet, non intrusive underwriting and excellent rates (no I’m not advertising for them)

  2. marcus says:

    my dad has a datsun b210 and i can not rach the gas or the clutch and the brake and he has a Ae86 I love driving it…

  3. marcus says:

    i love sunny b210 and Ae86 And Suzuki samurai they are cheap on gas

  4. Coltspeed says:

    Haggerty quoted me almost double so I went with a competitor. They continue to send solicitation mail/email tho.

  5. Taylor says:

    They missed a few bad spots for rust that people should be aware of;

    – Decklid panel

    – Front of rocker panels, behind front fenders

    – Reinforcement plate behind front wheels on frame rail

    – Seatbelt pockets

    And another problem area that will start becoming apparent to a lot of people is inside the a-pillar from the roof to the cowl. I’ve split them open and they all have copious amounts of thick rust because of the heavy layering of steel without any protection.

  6. Nice video, really well done, but the most important rust-area check – below the battery tray – somehow was missed. i think this is a really important check because 240z’s notoriously rust there..

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