VIDEO: Dance through the decades with the Honda Accord

Hey, what better way to declare the pedigree of your products than to show decades’ worth of history? Honda’s latest spot, called “With Every Era,” takes you through Accord generations along with era appropriate song and dance. We’re always happy to see automakers be proud of their heritage, but hmm, where have we seen this concept before

Anyway, the red first-gen in the ad should be familiar to JNCers. It’s owned by JNC reader Chris Green and is a Touge California veteran and JCCS award winner. Now it’s on TV!

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3 Responses to VIDEO: Dance through the decades with the Honda Accord

  1. Long Beach Mike says:

    Congratulations to fellow 1G Accord owner, Chris. What a beauty.

  2. Evan P says:

    Cool Commercial. Love the New Jack Swing reference for the 90’s era accord lol..

    However the new Accord looks bad.. I don’t get what they were trying to do.. this isn’t an Audi A7/S7???

  3. D. Land says:

    Who are the dancers on this new commercial? I love it.

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