VIDEO: Club-level race at Nakayama circuit in 1985

Nakayama Circuit 1985 Club Level race

This video of a club-level race at Nakayama Circuit in 1985 has got everything: AW11, Gemini, Bluebird, R30, SA22, multiple generations of Truenos and Levins, and the smooth jazz of a Gran Turismo menu screen. Watch the video below.

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5 Responses to VIDEO: Club-level race at Nakayama circuit in 1985

  1. ya_boy_yeti says:

    I guess engine noises violate copyrights. . .

    • atx says:

      Obviously, all those rx-7’s running around it might get taken down when the automatic audio scanner thinks it has come across flight of the bumblebee. I’ll just hop in my time machine and get a fresh copy of the races with better audio.

  2. Bobby Bonner says:

    My heart was racing when that skyline’s tail stepped out towards the wall!

  3. donnie baker says:

    awseome stuff

  4. Nigel says:

    910 Bluebird in there did quite well !

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