VIDEO: Check out this Honda Head’s massive collection

Honda Kokoro Collection Lance

In a video titled Honda Kokoro (Honda Heart), a collector welcomes viewers into his incredible collection of Honda memorabilia. If the wall of valve covers didn’t clue you in already, it is a collection of epic proportions, from bikes to Hot Wheels, generators to Honda-branded gym socks. Lance isn’t just an otaku, though. He works for the company as well. 

1962 Honda Cuby motor

In a collection of many cool things, one stands out as the coolest. It’s something that could have only sprung form the mind of Soichiro Honda: the 1962 Honda Cuby motor. As Lance explains, when it came out, it was the smallest four-stroke engine in the world, and its main purpose was to teach children how to assemble an engine.

Along with his SuperCub, generators, and an outboard motor, Lance even appears to have an Acty kei truck. The collection needs to be seen to be believed.

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4 Responses to VIDEO: Check out this Honda Head’s massive collection

  1. Scotty G says:

    A rare public OMG issued here! What a dream collection.

  2. Tim Mings says:

    Nice lance! Some day you need to come re visit my stuff….

  3. Kev says:

    This video needs to be at least 10 times a long!!!

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