VIDEO: Brian Karasawa’s 1977 Toyota Celica Fastback by Electric Federal

Brian Karasawa Toyota Celica Liftback

In a new video called “Japan’s Forgotten Fastback,” Electric Federal gets up close and personal with our friend Brian Karasawa‘s and his gorgeous 1977 Toyota Celica Liftback. Of course, JNCers and anyone who’s been to Toyotafest or JCCS knows that the RA29, and Brian’s gorgeous one in particular, is anything but easily forgotten. With a port-and-polished 20R/22R hybrid putting out 185 horses, it’s sound is even more unforgettable. Watch the video below. 

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9 Responses to VIDEO: Brian Karasawa’s 1977 Toyota Celica Fastback by Electric Federal

  1. Victor says:

    That is one sexy Liftback, I make it a point to see this car every time it shows up at either JCCS or TORC.

  2. Ryan says:

    That’s Hot! Love to see the passion and level of detail

  3. Dave says:

    Nice video. I wouldn’t characterize Celicas as *forgotten*; they’re one of the pillars of Japanese classics. I quite like these liftback Celicas, but the rear end of the notchback coupe is just too beautiful for me to resist.

  4. acbpanda says:

    Great looking car, the engine is beast.
    Nice job to Brian!

  5. j3wman says:

    god this celica is perfect

  6. Kevin Truong says:

    Thats one beautiful piece of work!

  7. Union76 says:

    SOHC. Interesting……

  8. Raymond Hood says:

    Great car! I had a1977 Celica Liftback and was President and co-founder of The Capital Celica Club of metropolitan Washington DC.

  9. Keke/RA29 says:

      What kind of Lowering Set 1977 / RA29?
    Brand and where and price?

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