VIDEO: Badass women on badass bikes

Bosozoku Women

The style of this video is precisely what was parodied so well by the recent Car Bros’ Secrets of Japan Revealed sketch, but once you get past the over-dramatized Sheriff John Bunnell narration, there’s still some good footage of badass women on badass bikes. 

What’s not mentioned is that female bosozoku members are called redisu, which if you sound it out is the Japanese pronunciation of “ladies.” Sure, it sounds harmless enough, but you probably do not want to mess with these gals.

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3 Responses to VIDEO: Badass women on badass bikes

  1. Nigel says:

    Yep, the narrator needs to take it down about five notches. Need to hear those bikes !

  2. Wayne Thomas says:

    That gaijin near the end is so full of shit that people not living in Japan might believe him. Bosozoku are just as conformity driven and stifling in their culture as the overall Japanese culture. They are powerful in and ‘fighting the man” in their own minds. All they do is ride around like assholes (although I love….LOVE it when I see some guy crashed on the road somewhere by being some idiot with no riding skill – hey, call me a sadist. I sleep at night just fine) and annoy regular people.

    Hey gaijin in the video. You want to help out. Get Bosozoku to take on the corrupt power structures like any keiretsu. Hell, take on the amakudari culture that is without a doubt the greatest threat to the survival of Japan. THAT will scare the sheet outta the bachans and jichans of this country.

    I don’t suspect any change from Ben, but this glorification of bosozoku to naive American audiences is really without any merit. They are not outlaws. They are just mosquitoes doing their pre-determined roles that have been established by the owners of this country as as a foreigner yourself with some knowledge of Japan, you should know just how truly pathetic they really are.

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