VIDEO: Babyface and Scarface E70 Corollas

Babyface & Scarface E70 Corollas

Manabu Mitsumori loves drifting, but he also loves the 1970s. That’s why he got rid of his JZX100 Chaser and now drives two classic Corollas instead. Both E70s, one is a clean restomod two-door hardtop called Babyface, while the other’s a battle scarred drift rat sedan called Scarface. Watch the video by Yosuke Suga of SC Films below.

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5 Responses to VIDEO: Babyface and Scarface E70 Corollas

  1. Expulsion says:

    Guilty confession…this is the first time I’ve actually liked longchamps on a car! That babyface is an awesome looking car.

  2. j3wman says:

    God i forgot how much i loved E70 Corollas…

    …come to think of it i wonder if body parts for those would fit a Subaru GL, they pretty close in styling and size.

  3. Sedanlover says:

    How funny is hearing that Craig David song in the background, ahaha.

    This guy looks like he’s king of the road when rolling in that 2dr hardtop. Man how I want one so much now. Yet another sweet model we never got down under.

    He treats that sedan like a banger, covered in bumps and briuses, but its got chrome bumpers and door handles, quad lights, fender mirrors, sweet sweet wheels and weather shields! All this stuff would be highly sort after in the E70 world. I guess he still wants to make it look half decent.

    What a legend!

  4. eric-p says:

    The 4door reminds me of my 4door , but mine was nasty brown color, any way,now I own 76 corona thats my baby, but love this video

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