VIDEO: Abandoned Hakosuka in Cyprus

abandoned Hakosuka Skyline Cyprus

The story of a Toyota dealership abandoned in Cyprus in the 1970s is well known to long time readers. Apparently, though, old Celicas and Corollas aren’t the only J-tin left to gather dust on the island republic. Here’s a very complete 1969 hakosuka sedan too. To be clear, it’s not within the Green Zone, the demilitarized buffer whose residents were forced to flee in 1974 (and where the Toyota dealership resides). Instead, the Skyline is just sitting in an apartment complex, seemingly abandoned, but some members of the Hakosuka Owners Club on Facebook did some investigations.  

The lowdown is that the car was owned by someone who hadn’t used it in 20 years.  Sadly, he’s since met his maker, and the car is caught in a bureaucratic no-man’s land, where it would be too much paperwork to release the car to someone else.

It’s a shortnose four cylinder Hako, but seemingly very complete and dry-stored, so there is little evidence of rust.  Let’s hope the Cypriot powers that be, manage to find a way to let the car into a deserving new home.

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5 Responses to VIDEO: Abandoned Hakosuka in Cyprus

  1. Scotty G says:

    Ohhhhh… needle in a Hakosuka haystack!
    Shortnose, longnose, anynose; I’d love to have it! Since I like things with 3-cylinders, this is a longnose Hakosuka to me!

  2. Ramon Mora says:

    WOW !!! What a find, I want it, also with the cat that is exactly like mine, I can use it for spares ( The cat ). 🙂

  3. no salsa says:

    If you travel across Cyprus youll find old japanese cars that you wouldn’t see outside of japan. Been there many times both in the south and the north. Things like datsuns and toyotas. People are free to cross the border these days its hard to say when a resolution for the island will be found, being from there you beome skeptical after 4o years. Too strategic for the the US and Uk for a real solution for their bases.

    Well worth a summer holiday if you like great beaches heat and bikini clad northern European s!

  4. Randy says:

    Steal the car, get some Russian paperwork, and ship it through the black market.

    Quicker and more honest than dealing with governments.

  5. no salsa says:

    Who knows what will happen to thoseccars its almost a shame to disturb them. As a kid i was always facinated by the old airport which is where these car are.

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