VIDEO: A virtual tour of Toyota’s Motorsports Biography exhibit

The Toyota Automobile Museum’s excellent “Toyota Motorsport Biography: Everlasting Challenge Spirit” exhibit is scheduled to end on April 11. Sadly, travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic have prevented most overseas travelers from seeing it in person. However, the museum is doing the next best thing, and has released a virtual tour before the exhibit is gone for good.

The exhibit includes everything from a modern TF109 Formula One race car to Aichi’s first competition vehicle, a S30 Toyota Crown rally car. Unfortunately, the Crown and speed record 2000GT are both replicas, but the other cars, including a couple of Le Mans prototypes and IMSA Celica, are real. There’s even the insanely rare opportunity to see all three Toyota 7 race cars gathered in one place.

We did a deeper dive into the exhibit when it opened last year, if you want to know more about the cars. Visually, though, it’s far more glorious to see the display in a video, especially when the camera is allowed to get up close in a way that even an in-person visit would not allow. Enjoy.

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