VIDEO: A Tale of Two Datsuns

Datsun 240Z Petrolicious

It was the best of Zs, it was the worst of Zs. Well, not the worst Z in actuality, but perhaps the worst paint job. But the owner wouldn’t have it any other way. According to this video, there are only 140-150 Datsun 240Zs in the UK, making this father and son pair rather unique. Our friends at Petrolicious have produced another great video. Watch it below.

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7 Responses to VIDEO: A Tale of Two Datsuns

  1. kira says:

    always pisses me of, when they say engine was rebuilt, but you look at it and looks like a dog, at least keep it clean. my daily driver has spotles engine and its a 94

  2. Hey be happy theres no V8 in there

  3. madis says:

    i know how they feel lol, theres only one fc3s driving around in my country and i have the other one. but we only have like 1.3million people here tho 😀

  4. Kuroneko says:

    Not sure I like the way the Britishers casually go ‘down the pub for a pint’ and then drink & drive. Great cars both though, at least until they get stuffed into a millpond after taking a roundabout too fast with a half blotto driver at the wheel.. Hopefully, not killing anyone in the process. Neko.

    • MikeRL411 says:

      My Uncle and his buddy were in England just before the Normandy invasion. They got a pass and went to the local pub. After striking out with the local girls they realized that they had missed the last GI transport back to base. No problem! There was a bicycle just outside the pub! So two drunken US GIs climbed on board and started back to the camp. Unfortunately there was a sharp turn in the road! They crashed through the hedge [or “shrubbery” as the Brits would call it] and fell asleep on the lawn. Not a good choice! They awoke on the local Constable’s lawn! And it was HIS bicycle that they had stolen! I think that this was the second time he “made” PFC! It’s not just locals that get blotto in the British Isles.

    • madfaber says:

      The legal limit is not 0 its .6 in most places because you can still function just fine after only ” A pint”. Stop being a Drama queen wow.

  5. Drew-ski says:

    Ratsuns Rules,

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