VIDEO: 8-second kujira Crown

Shawn Cassidy Toyota Crown MS75 drag

So you find one of the rarest Toyotas ever to make landfall in the US, and what do you do? Tub it out, drop in a 2JZ bored .40 over with HKS 280 cams, and take it to the strip, of course. Although every fiber of my purist being is screaming in protest, I can’t help but like Shawn Cassidy’s whale in drag. It must be one of the craziest, most heavily modified MS75 Toyota Crowns in existence, but it can register an ET of 8.09 seconds at 171.12 mph. What do you say, yay or nay, to the fastest whale on Earth? Watch it in action below.

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17 Responses to VIDEO: 8-second kujira Crown

  1. E-AT_me says:

    DAAAMN! MIR is near me.. 😀

  2. mister k says:

    dam is that the widest c pillar ever produced?!

    • Randy says:

      Dunno about Japanese, but U.S. mfrs used that element a fair bit in the mid-’60s to mid-’70s. Some T-birds, some Plymouths, some AMCs, but the ’70-’74 Camaro/Firebird probably take the top honors there. (Would the flying buttresses on the ’68-’77 ‘Vette count?).

      It may be a huge blind spot, but I find they generally do look good.

  3. Deanfun says:

    Unless something has changed, that crown is 1FZ powered.

  4. bert says:

    There’s a very similar setup, and blue colored MS75 in Australia running a Landcruiser inline six, that you might be thinking of, but it is not the same car. I believe that one only makes “slow” 10 second passes!lol

  5. Myron says:

    That wasn’t even close. I would be scared to wreak it; I’d just drive it on nice days, but that’s no fun is it?

  6. Mike says:

    I approve of the engine in the Crown because: a) it gives reason for those super wide slicks that seem to suit the shape if the car; b) it’s still a TOYOTA inline 6. That Crown still retains it’s original lines so I think its representing the old school quite well. I have a 2JZ GTE powered X73 Cressida. These cars are at least a couple hundred lbs lighter than the cars the 2JZs were built for so they’re a blast even in mild form (400+hp the moment). Excellent vid and super cool Crown!

  7. cesariojpn says:

    “So you find one of the rarest Toyotas ever to make landfall in the US, and what do you do? Tub it out, drop in a 2JZ bored .40 over with HKS 280 cams, and take it to the strip, of course. ”

    What a ****ing waste. Stock alone would’ve turned heads.

  8. Dave says:

    That is such a beautiful car. Drag racing is typically not on my radar, but this is great representation of JNCs and the 2JZ on the drag strip. I LOVE these Crowns.

  9. Randy says:

    I’d like to think it had rust issues, so the best way to save it was aftermarket repairs, which led to the tubbing… I guess I’m somewhat of a purist, too. No real problem with aftermarket / modifications, just nothing you can’t undo, and tubbing is pretty much undoable.

    That being said, it IS actually cool.

    Wouldn’t do that to ANY rare car. ’91 Camaro? Yes. Regal GNX? No. ’78 Cressida with airbags and 24s? No. New FRS? Yes.

    At least there aren’t a lot of them modified; maybe just because most people in the states have never seen one.

    Anybody have any idea on how many of those were made?

  10. Wayne Thomas says:

    This car is why car guys always laughed at the original TF&TF when it was made such a big deal to make a 10-second car. Its not that hard. Its really not.

  11. Curtis says:

    This is awesome..

    I’m super inspired by this work – That new frame will last ages!

    Another shot of it.

    Seriously – being a purist is great – but what do you do when all the parts are unavailable?!

  12. Censport says:

    It rocks. I dig it.

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