VIDEO: 30 years of the Suzuki Sidekick

It’s hard to believe, but the Suzuki Sidekick is 30 years old. In some markets it was called the Vitara, or Escudo, or Geo Tracker, but we know what it really was — a nonstop barrel of monkeys. 

Perhaps its Canadian name, the Asuna Sunrunner, describes its functionality best. It was, at introduction, an open-top SUV as easy to use as a passenger car. Though that sounds like it could be the recipe for a crossover today, interestingly the first-generation Escudo had a true ladder-frame chassis. The trucklet even spawned some truly epic rally cars like the insane, 800-horse Pikes Peak Escudo. Suzuki has released a video to celebrate 30 years of the Escudo (its proper Japanese name) so (side)kick back and enjoy the clips.

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