VIDEO: 2013 JCCA New Year Meeting

2013 JCCA New Year Meeting

Forget the Tokyo Auto Salon. You know the best place to be in Tokyo in January is really the New Year Meeting. We dare you to watch this video of the event in Odaiba, Tokyo and not drool all over your keyboard.

[Source: teRu via Crank & Piston]

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9 Responses to VIDEO: 2013 JCCA New Year Meeting

  1. Kuroneko says:

    Ha! With every frame shot -outside- the actual JCCA event. Wicked. If just for that concepto… Neko.

  2. Matt says:

    ugh that sound

  3. Drive510 says:

    Bucket list!! This is definitely in my 5 year plan.

  4. Dwagonz says:

    GREAT video…just wish it didnt have the chosen tunes. Its hard to share videos like this with people (in hopes of fostering new JNC love) when the soundtrack turns them off.

  5. Brandon says:

    Video- epic! Song- meh…

  6. Nigel says:

    Nothing wrong with the sound track, however more exhaust note and less bass note would
    have been better.
    (Nice to see some 330’s and a Crown or two).

  7. Bob says:

    You’re always going to have a hard time pleasing people with music choice. I like the music, but I probably have different music tastes than many of you.

    Great video, I liked the song enough I tracked it down myself and have been listening to it minus the video for a few days. I’m content- my only gripe is that I wish it was longer and contained footage from within the show as well.

    I’m really disappointed by a lack of photographs of the New Year’s event in general this year- this is my favorite event to see pictures from. I want multiple shots of every car there and the whole swap area! haha.

  8. izzy says:

    Its two events for the price of one….inside and out

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