Uh Oh: National Cash for Clunkers Bill Coming

As we predicted over a year ago, the Cash for Clunkers program offered by states such as California and Texas is going national.

Congress and President Obama have come to an agreement on a national Cash for Clunkers bill. For one year, the government will offer vouchers worth up to $4,500 for owners to replace their old cars. The goal is to jumpstart the auto industry by selling 1 million new vehicles.

“By stimulating consumer demand for new vehicles, this proposal will directly benefit domestic autoworkers and automotive manufacturers, which have arguably been hardest hit by the current economic downturn,” said Rep. John Dingell, a Michigan Democrat and staunch industry ally.

So, um, get ready to see fewer Datsuns on the road and more new Chrysler Sebrings.

[Source: Reuters]

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23 Responses to Uh Oh: National Cash for Clunkers Bill Coming

  1. colink says:

    They are doing a similar thing here in the UK as well.

  2. Ben says:

    Bastards! I think we need a new bumper sticker that says “keep your laws off my unibody”

  3. toaster-pastry says:

    The worst part is, they do this on the “good for the environment” bandwagon by claiming it will get the old polluting cars off the road. There is far more pollution created by producing a new Prius than I am creating by bombing around in my 510.

  4. burabuda says:

    be aware that your “clunker” will need to get 18mpg or less to qualify

  5. slickwrick says:

    i think its time we invade every junkyard and rescue whats left of every j-tin!!!!


  6. Lancaster says:

    i see soo much nice J-tin at the dealersip back lots it makes me sick. a few weeks ago I saw a celica lift back with 82k waiting to be scrapped! I practically begged the lot mgr to sell it to me. no go.

  7. Bob says:

    This pisses me off. I just hope that our cars are old enough that the people who still drive them realize that they’re valuable to someone as more than scrap. Ugh.

    This really pisses me off since I still need a lot of parts for my ’78 Impala… which isn’t really a “classic”.

    And because IIRC, these cars don’t even end up in junkyards so others can get parts off of them, but rather scrapped outright.

  8. Ben says:

    Lancaster: aw man, you’re breakin’ my heart!

    Bob: You’re exactly right, straight to the crusher.

  9. G-zilla says:


    You think we could get car clubs together to do something about it?? I mean Clubs from everywhere around the globe?? We could do a letter claiming the pollution it creates to build a new one and stuff like that so everyone signs it??? It’s really really sad this is happening. We’re a few but maybe if we send a letter to all the clubs and associations possible around, the forums, etc??? I don’t know…it’s like the killing of the whales, at least I feel it that way. Extintion is forever!!! Too bad.

  10. LCDC says:

    I see a real life “The Last Chase” coming in the near future. They wont get my datsun 620’s, they’ll have as much trouble taking those as they will taking my guns.
    I’m with slickwrick, lets save all the cars and trucks we can, especially datsuns…

  11. Mr.L.J. Nordvik says:

    Environmentalism is becomming more and more like a screwed-up fanatic religion.Facts and truth are of no interrest,easy alibies and scape goats are.Like the EU’s ban on seal-products.Never mind that not controlling the seal population with will result in a fatal depletion of fish resources,seals have cute eyes,cods don’t.

  12. Nigel says:

    Let’s hope a high percentage believe in “Restore not Crush”.

  13. The earth will be covered in SMUG !

  14. Ben says:

    In the explanation by the Michigan congressman, there is not rationale for the environment… it’s just about helping the automakers. Not sure which is worse though 🙂

  15. layedoutb2k says:

    I thought you stated a couple months ago that this had been defeated. I have been outraged about this for a while. I have already previously voiced my opinions to my representatives with how rediculous this idea is.

  16. joe says:

    its not a forced thing though right?

  17. Phatman says:

    Hahaha , imagine the classic restorer , giving up his 1 million dollar GTHO for $4500 to buy a “NEW” car … Hahaha .. Unlikely , they are trying to do that here in Australia too . Surely Shannons insurance wont let it happen as their business revolves around the “collector” car … And i sure as hell wont be giving up my classic Mazda 1200 sedan or my Datto ute either ! !

  18. Ben says:

    layedoutb2k: there are multiple bills like this being proposed all the time. if one fails, they will try again. it’s a constant battle. stay vigilant!

    joe: no, not forced, thank goodness! but…

    Phatman: … it’s unlikely to affect anyone who knows what their car is worth. HOWEVER, there are plenty of owners out there who don’t know, the so called “barn finds” or “scores” that keep our cars alive for parts, restoration, whatever. Kiss bye-bye to those.

  19. roosterfella46 says:

    4500 bucks??.. get real..
    thx god it ain’t happenin’ here in indonesia…

  20. Sarcasmo says:

    Like my motto has ALWAYS been………..

    ” I’d rather own a used Toyota or Datsun than a new GM, Chrysler or Ford ANYDAY.”

    Obama’s an IDIOT.

  21. Sarcasmo says:

    We should make crushing perfectly restorable j-tin a punishment.

    To the junk guys who wouldn’t sell me a 78 Datsun 280Z and an 80 Toyota Corolla TE70, just to scrap em……….. JACKASSES!! 😛

  22. Rob says:

    Instead of picking on older cars, why don’t they give cash for SUV’s like the Ford Excursion or the countless Chevy Suburbans that lumber our highways carrying fat-assed Americans?

  23. bonvo says:

    why cant they just leave well enough alone? seriously the main issue i see here is it targets j-tin most people see a late 70s/ early 80s gm and say “future classic” they look at a late 70s/ early 80s jap car and say “should have never been here to begin with” i know this becuase when i was younger thats how i saw it i was a major muscle car fan then i got my datto and i appreciate the imports now

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