Japan slammed by worst typhoon in 60 years

Japan is still trying to assess the damage done by Typhoon Hagibis over the weekend. According to the Japan Times, the death toll is up to 68, and rescue crews are working around the clock to find more survivors. The storm was the worst to strike Japan in 60 years, and caused numerous landslides, power outages, and floods. The scope of the devastation is still unknown.

Scenes from the disaster have been harrowing — Collapsed bridges, submerged bullet trains, entire towns underwater.

As reported by NHK, the typhoon brought about 140 landslides and broke through levees along 47 rivers as many regions saw 40 percent of their typical annual rainfall in a span of just two days.

Countless vehicles have been overturned, crushed by debris, or flooded. One clip from Singapore’s CNA, sure to be particularly grim for enthusiasts, shows recovery crews wading through knee-high waters in what must have been an auto aficionado’s parking area. Damaged cars include a modified Nissan 180SX, X70 Toyota Mark II wagon, and Y31 Nissan Gloria. Perhaps some of these will be restored.

However, nothing can compare to the lives that have been impacted. The report further states that over 12,000 homes have been flooded, and 670 schools have been damaged across Japan. In Nagano, the waters rose as high as 4 meters. Over 130,000 homes are without running water, and as many as 520,000 were without power during the worst of it. Authorities are still trying to determine the extent of the losses. It has been difficult to find a proper channel accepting donations for recovery assistance, but this post will update if we learn anything.

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5 Responses to Japan slammed by worst typhoon in 60 years

  1. Nigel says:

    Yes and I heard almost nothing on the news here !!

    • MikeRL411 says:

      I have been watching NHK news channel and they have very good coverage. Here in Los Angeles it’s on a sub channel [28.3] or the local ex PBS channel.

  2. GSX-R35 says:

    Dang, I wonder how badly the storage areas in Nagoya were hit. The forecast said Nagoya was supposed to be slammed with 39 inches of rainfall – that is a totally ridiculous amount and I think would have heavily flooded the area which means a lot of JDMs being stored for future export might have been affected.

    As someone who grew up in the Philippines where supertyphoons and floods like this are common seeing the video brings back memories of when the bad ones hit over there. Hopefully the damage to lives is miniscule compared to the property loss.

  3. Power Tryp says:

    If anybody is looking for more infornation at the source Dino Dalle Carbonare is showing cleanup and answering questions on his Instagram.

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