TUNE UP: Two sexy classics in Justice’s “Fire” video


French band Justice’s latest video stars a pair of classics that are beautiful and seemingly ageless: an A60 Celica convertible and actor Susan Sarandon, who is according to Wikipedia apparently 70 years old (!). It’s no secret that 80s Toyotas have become the darlings of electronic musicians (and as a result, I will never stop talking about my love for my own ’86 Cressida Wagon), and this one is even shown being lovingly washed. 

The Celica is wraped and chrome even has an aftermarket exhaust. The video appears to have been filmed in the San Gorgonio wind farms between Los Angeles County and Palm Springs. Fortunately for all, there’s no Thelma and Louise moment at the end.

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8 Responses to TUNE UP: Two sexy classics in Justice’s “Fire” video

  1. SHC says:

    I wonder which one has had the most restoritive methods put to them…….. the car or Susan.

  2. atx says:

    White letter in? For shame.

  3. Gary says:

    Its just a drift to the left then a hook to the right, twirl the wheel in time…

    Time warp all right.

    Hope some of you are young enough to get this pun!

  4. Ronin Cho says:

    It seems all they and other can build now is SUV/CUVs no more great cars. Nissan S12-S15,no Corolla GT-S/Treuno/Levin. Light weight,RWD,not much BHP but fun to drive.

  5. Will B. says:

    this is the second 80s japanese car ive seen in a music vid; theres a minor cameo for an early aw11 in Macklemore’s “Downtown” which you should go look up if you haven’t seen it yet!

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