TUNE UP: Rich Chigga – Dat $tick Remix feat Ghostface Killah and Pouya


An Indonesian rapper going by the name of Rich Chigga went viral when he uploaded his song “Dat $tick” to YouTube in March. Rockin’ a preppy pink polo, an 80s Reebok fanny pack and plenty of guns, it seemed like satire. Or was it? The 16-year-old spat dopely enough to catch the ears and respect of established artists like Cam’ron and Desiigner. Ghostface Killah liked it so much that he said, “I’ll get on that track.” Well, now he — along with some Skylines and dekotora — has indeed gotten on that track in the “Dat $tick Remix.” WARNING: the video is straight up NSFW.  

With famous artists and a bigger production budget, the remix was filmed in Japan. Surrounded by a a phalanx of dekotora, the centerpiece of the video is a white Kenmeri on Yayois, which we saw at the Sagamiko Forest Skyline and Kyusha Meeting. A few other zokusha in the background, like the black and gold longnose Yonmeri are present too.

Like Seinfeld putting Margaret Cho in the Cosmo Sport, Rich Chigga is dropped into the car culture of Japan. We ain’t mad, though, especially if it gives a boost to some of Japan’s lesser known automotive subcultures. We prefer kyusha to donks and Yayois over dubs anyway.

Also, in Asian countries the zokusha tuning style has been popular for a while now, so it may also be a play for that audience. With Rich Chigga and the Red Bull video, it seems as if it’s about to go mainstream.

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14 Responses to TUNE UP: Rich Chigga – Dat $tick Remix feat Ghostface Killah and Pouya

  1. Taylor says:

    I’ll leave the same comment here that I put on this when I reblogged it on Tumblr:

    Dekotora > Donks

  2. Thomas says:

    this is music you say?

  3. Eddie says:

    The fuck Is this BS!!!???………specialE

  4. Cesariojpn says:

    Is it a good idea to name yourself a few letters away from some of offensive racist labels our there?

    • Thomas says:

      I think that was the idea. It’s a word blend – kinda like how smoke and fog makes smog. Or Chinese and….you get it.

      (I assume he is using China as in Indochina to refer to the region rather that the China as we know it…he could be Chinese I suppose….the music is to terrible for me to really care)

  5. Jayson J. Sturges says:

    I like the Dekotora trucks,forget everything else. I can hope that Greenlight make a few for their HD Truck line,

  6. Hon-Nada! says:

    This is the best argument for reincarnation to date.

    Clearly, he was a gangsta in a past life.

    Some things you just can’t “un-see”…or “un-hear”.

  7. John says:

    “Get off my lawn!”

    That’s what I read in most of your posts… 🙂

  8. James says:

    Awesome! I love the dekotora and the Skyline but I gotta say I think the original video and track were better. The ridiculousness of the first video was his own–posing in front of that minivan, the buttoned up polo and Reebock fanny pack–not the idea of some music industry guy. Also from a few of the comments it looks like this video struck a nerve with some JNCers who are afraid of being associated with the ‘less respectable’ side of Japanese car tuning–y’know the kid with a battered chambered out Miata with a wing and sticker bombed panels who’a been blasting this remix constantly since it ‘dropped.’ Maybe the critics just don’t like it, which is fine, because it’s as goofy as that Miata kid’s chino joggers and RIP HARAMBE sticker. We don’t all have to like everything, but sometimes it feels like there’s a lot of anger in car culture. It’s supposed to be fun. Aaaaanyway Ben, thanks for posting, it made me laugh.

  9. SHC says:

    Can I just say I’m weary of this post, lets move on please!

  10. John Moran says:

    Actually liked it a little more than I probably should have. Not sure if he is young or just small, but probably just as well that he didn’t use “Li’l” in his name.

    The trucks were somewhat hypnotizing – kind of like a pachinko parlor on wheels. The one he was sitting on seemed particularly “deked” out. Glad to see a couple included at Nostalgic 2days this year.

    Not sure if there is already a dekotora game, but I could see a plot with an aging bosozoku who got into construction with a little towel on his head. Start off with a small truck and start doing deliveries to get yen to build your dream dekotora. Of course, include cool rest stops and ramen shops along the way.

  11. Punto8 says:

    Couple of things…. Why did you even write an article on this trash? Is it because there is a J-Tin in the background? I mean the music is incredibly offensive and might I say whack as sh*t. Trap music is the final blow to Hip Hop and the fact that Ghostface is on this makes it even worse. We will never here from this kid again. I already forgot this ass clown’s name. If your running out of content you may want to start focusing on quarter mile imports that are absolutely destroying 1/4 records and rivaling the V8 dominance of that sport.

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