TUNE UP: Keith Ape’s “Diamonds” Nissan 300ZX

If you liked the appearance of the FC Mazda RX-7 in The Weeknd’s “Party Monster” video that debuted last week, here’s another one just like it featuring a Z31 Nissan 300ZX. As was pointed out to us by reader Byron, rapper Keith Ape’s video for “Diamonds” includes shots of a zenki barreling through the streets of Los Angeles at night. 

It’s shot in the same frenetic, seizure-inducing style as “Party Monster,” and there’s a reason for that. As reader Kevin points out, both videos were directed by BRTHR. And in case you really want to bring it full circle, the company behind Keith Ape is 88rising, which also backs Rich Chigga. We’re not sure who to congratulate for the excellent whip choice, but someone mentioned here has really good vehicular taste.

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3 Responses to TUNE UP: Keith Ape’s “Diamonds” Nissan 300ZX

  1. Randy says:

    Cool car.

    Weird video.

    Just commented ’cause I didn’t want the post to be lonely.

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