Travis Scott’s new album and videos feature a plethora of Japanese sports cars

When Ryan told me to check out Travis Scott’s new album two days after Christmas, I had to google who he was. A rapper, it turns out. I confess I haven’t actually listened to it, but the cover has caught my attention. At least three 1990s icons are gathered, along with some guys wearing neon balacavas. There’s an FD Mazda RX-7, JZA80 Toyota Supra, and lampenbaum-equipped E30 BMW M3 which Scott is auctioning off. The first video had even more.

A promo video for Jackboys, features scenes of parking lot hoonage interspersed with some violent scenes of good ol’ fashioned carjacking. Cars include a Datsun 240Z, AW11 Toyota MR2, a couple of NSXes, a Chris Forsberg’s Nissan 370Z and matching Infiniti M45, a second FD, a Lancer Evolution, and the Tesla Cybertruck.

The full video for “Gang Gang” has a lot more shots of some of the cars.

Travis Scott’s Instagram has a couple more images of the cars. The FD appears to be a Competition Yellow Mica-painted Touring edition from last year’s JCCS. U the first video, the owner is depicted as being the victim of a carjacking. I guess that’s considered cool? All I know is these videos make me feel very, very old. Happy New Year!


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11 Responses to Travis Scott’s new album and videos feature a plethora of Japanese sports cars

  1. Howard Dreispan says:

    I guess Im old too…You need all those guns and violence? This is coming from a guy (me) who used to be in mosh pits in the 1970s-1980s. Why can’t he ‘sell’ his (not just him) music on it’s own merits? For years now, you have to act like a thug in videos for shock value I guess? A lot of people are going to love this video, maybe even want to act some of it out…I dont know, Im sounding like my parents…Wait, I am a parent! Sorry, but I like ‘performance’ (excuse the pun) videos where the band is up there playing, doing what they do best. Girls, and cars on the side? Ok. I know there has to be “eye candy” to sell videos/music…But, you need guns, excessive violence to sell your videos? Music must not be that good then!

    • Yung Jabba Yeung says:

      All this stuff goes in waves. It’ll be over soon.

      Remember when Kurt Cobain ushered in a new era of “cool” simply because he wasn’t into the fake, over-indulgent artiface of the hair bands?

      The current, stale idea of “cool” will eventually become uncool and disappear. The only reason it’s had such a long shelf life is because the barriers to entry are so OBSCENELY low. Livin’ the “Thug-Life” isn’t that challenging.

      Before, when rock, pop or even disco were cool you had to (at least) learn to sing or play an instrument. Extra points if you could cultivate your own image with fashion and a persona. Nowadays, it’s pretty easy to copy the baggy, Alvin and the Chipmunks look and be inarticulate.

    • Chet Manley says:

      This isn’t really a new thing that the kids are doing, NWA, Ice T and tons more were doing this stuff back in the 80s so it isn’t anything new it’s just kind of going with the groove of what is to be expected.

  2. Mattallac says:

    This is garbage ,I wouldn’t give this guy any attention on your respected forum . Killing white people for cars , shameful . He’s an influential character in the rap game , maybe someone will kill us for one of our cars since this video makes it look cool .

  3. Bisquick says:

    Buncha grumpy outta touch old white guys are JNC fans huh lmao

  4. Paul says:

    All these epic Japanese sports cars ended up in the wrong hands….

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