VIDEO: Toyota’s football game ad had some vintage Aichi steel

The unavoidable championship football game that happened Sunday night isn’t a place you’d normally see some vintage Aichi steel, but if you were watching closely during the Superb Owl commercials, you might have caught some in Toyota’s “One Team” spot. 

A rabbi, a priest, a Muslim and and a Buddhist getting into a Toyota may seem like the start of a bad joke, but it’s the premise for a Tundra commercial showing friends from four different religions coming together to cheer on their favorite football team. As it happens, nearly every car visible in the background of this town is a Toyota, including an L10 Tercel, and both FJ60 and FJ62 Land Cruisers.  It’s not a huge deal, but for Toyotaku it’s nice to know someone at Toyota (or at least their ad agency) cares about representing vintage ‘Yotas. Did we miss any others?

Thanks to Brad D. for the heads up!

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8 Responses to VIDEO: Toyota’s football game ad had some vintage Aichi steel

  1. Mark Newton-John says:

    Just a suggestion, when you reference Toyota models, include the full designation. You wouldn’t call an 1985 Corolla an E85, and of course there is a big difference between an KE27 and a TE27 Corolla, the first letter(s) indicating the engine family.

    • Ben Hsu says:

      I understand what you’re saying but we’ve had a long standing policy to refer to chassis by the generation, unless there is specific cause to note the engine type. Often the engine code doesn’t match what’s actually in the car as well, due to the all-too-common tendency for engine swaps in the US. Nissans are referred to by chassis — S13, S14, etc. — so same goes for Toyotas.

  2. micamiata says:

    Looks like the L10 Tercel makes two appearances: at 0:10 and at 0:52 (behind the RAV4). Unless they brought TWO!

    Also, at 1:06, you see a XV20 Camry, first introduced in 1996. Only 3 more years till it becomes a JNC!

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