Toyota’s awesome 2012 Geneva Motor Show display

What’s happening right now is the Geneva Motor Show, traditionally the unveiling venue for six-figure European exotics.  To stand out ToMoCo had to do something special, and we’d say a pair of gleaming white RWD GT coupes fits the bill. The neo-hachiroku‘s angle-of-departure tilt perfectly illustrates the spiritual succession of the GT86 from the 2000GT, and the booth’s color scheme evokes Japan’s old national racing colors found on cars like the Toyota 7.

From this angle you can see a direct comparison of Nozaki arc (or if you prefer, the politically incorrect “Chinese eye”) in the cars’ C-pillars. The GT86 actually measures 2.5 inches longer, 6.9 inches wider and 4.9 inches taller than the 2000GT.

But obviously not everyone has seen a 2000GT down at the local Walmart parking lot, so for comparison’s sake here’s a photo taken by our friends down at GReddy USA. It pits their Scion tC against their new FR-S drift car, and although the tC is not known as a large car, it’s still 7.1 inches longer and 5.1 inches taller than the 86! This is just one of the many reasons why we are so very excited about the neo-hachiroku.


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8 Responses to Toyota’s awesome 2012 Geneva Motor Show display

  1. Tyler says:

    Wow, that 86 is tiny. I don’t really see how the ultra expensive supercar 2KGT has any relation to the budget pocket rocked neo-hachi, but whatever. They look good together. I’m getting pretty excited to see one on the streets sometime (or sit in one at the dealer and make vroom noises). Do we know the US release date?

    • E-AT_me says:

      really? no relation what-so-ever? ok guy… ok..

      • Tyler says:

        Same layout, very different cars. Others have said the LFA is the 2000GT’s successor and I tend to agree. 🙂

        • jivecom says:

          I agree also. The 2000GT and LF-A were both much more expensive than their direct competitors (the LF-A in particular is significantly so) while the FGSTBRZ86 is decidedly not. And if a huge price is not enough to convince you, the 2000GT was built using then state of the art technology, and was intended to take on things like the 911 (again similar to the LF-A), whereas the 86 was built with neither of those qualifiers. I’d say the FB8S6GZRT would be better compared with the car that donated its two numbers to the new name… The similar c-pillar leading edge is just a design choice that superficially makes the cars similar. The Sport 800 had similar driving lamps to the 2000GT but they were hardly related at all. This comment is turning out to be quite long

          • Marc says:

            Huh… Look at the design features, you’ll see that the rear glass is the same general shape as the 2000GT, the tail lights are also related(look at the silver casing and the red round light), the c-pillar too as you said before. I’d add the “86” emblems on the fender that are placed at the same place as the 2000gt’s emblems 😉

            So the 2000GT is chosen only because the GT86 has some design elements shared with the 2000GT

        • Tony says:

          I would say the Supra was the 2000GT’s successor.

  2. Nigel says:

    This June they told me at the Toronto Auto Show.
    (The FR-S was on display).

  3. Joffrey says:

    If you need some more pics of the Toyota Display, please send me a mail…

    Regards from France…

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