Toyotafest 2021 registration has opened

The Coronavirus pandemic last year left us with a canceled Toyotafest. It was sad, too, because it was supposed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Celica as well as the 25th anniversary of Toyotafest itself. With lockdown restrictions gradually being lifted in California, the Toyota Owners and Restorers Club is planning to finally hold its 25th show in Long Beach on Saturday, June 5, 2021.


In addition, TORC plans a second event called TORC Digital, to air in July 2021. This is a completely separate event, and will take the format of last year’s JCCS. It’s a way for people around the world, who cannot bring their cars to California, to participate. To watch the resulting videos, subscribe to the TORC YouTube channel.

As for physical Toyotafest, there is still a chance it will be canceled due to city rules regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. If that happens, Toyotafest will issue a partial refund and send the gift bag items you would normally pick up at the event.

Lastly, on a sad note, one of the subjects this year will be the Toyota Land Cruiser. The oldest continuous model in Toyota’s lineup will, sadly, end US sales after 2021. Hopefully Cruiser owners will turn out to honor this regrettable milestone.

Registration for both events opened over the weekend, and if you would like to join you can register at the Toyota Owners and Restorers Club website.

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  1. Steven Pena says:

    Hi good afternoon,
    I currently own a 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser hzj75 4door diesel swapped imported from Australia recently in 2019. I fully intended to register for this event but I totally forgot and missed my opportunity. It is 100% my fault that I forgot. I should’ve marked the day or something. And since this years event is somewhat dedicated to the Land Cruiser, I’m hoping maybe we can do something. Perhaps there’s a waiting list in case some cars don’t make it, or cancellations. But I Totally understand if there’s nothing you guys can do. Thanks anyway looking forward to the event.

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