KIDNEY, ANYONE? 1970s Toyota campus for sale

It’s finally happening. Nearly three years after Toyota announced it was relocating its US headquarters from California to Texas, the automaker’s campus has been listed for sale. Like an annoying Craiglist ad, no asking price was mentioned but according to the Daily Breeze, Toyota has invested $5 billion since it established the site in the 1970s, so… make an offer? 

If you do, you might be competing with Google, Tesla or, more likely, a developer that will divide the campus into smaller chunks. From the same article, here are some other interesting facts:

  • 110 acres
  • 18 buildings
  • 1.2 million square feet of office and industrial space
  • over 8,000 parking spaces
  • 1 test facility
  • 2 helipads
  • 2 dining halls
  • 1 pool
  • 1 tennis court

Here’s further evidence that Toyota is if nothing else a money making machine. According to a commercial real estate firm specializing in the region, “industrial building vacancy rates had dipped to just 0.5 percent in the area.” The bulk of the move will happen in July 2017. So basically Toyota is getting out at the best possible time to make a profit on its land.

So there you have it. One giant automaker campus for sale. Ran when parked, wheels not included, no trades. Hit them up!

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15 Responses to KIDNEY, ANYONE? 1970s Toyota campus for sale

  1. Dennis says:

    Looks like it needs paint and probably interior work.

  2. Fifty5engineering says:

    If I buy this, can I make as many AE86 Corollas and Mark IV Supras as I want? I assume the machine that squirts them out is included.

  3. Dimitry says:

    Are they parting out?

  4. Chad Erickson says:

    Will the museum be closing? It’s one of the best parts of the JCCS weekend for us.

  5. Keith Measures says:

    Rust in the usual places I assume?

  6. LB1 says:

    Such a shame. I remember visiting that campus and got to go inside the main building in the 90s. Heck I even got to visit the Honda building when the NSX just came out. God forbid Honda leaves, too.

    Btw, the other day I drove by the Lexus building, I saw an LC500 parked outside. 🙂 Nissan and Toyota, we always got to see future cars in front of their buildings but not anymore.

    • Dchil says:

      That’s for marketing reasons. I’ve seen the Toyota (Upcoming, unreleased model) a week before any other full time tech in (Australian State) just because it I had training on a day it was out the back at Toyota HQ for (Australian State). Massive fuss over photos (which we can’t take) or talking about specs before the car’s release date. People have been fired over it multiple times.

      All for marketing a disappointment reasons. (Test models may have X but it’s found to be nonviable in the country so they ditch it.)

  7. SHC says:

    Toyota received a great deal from Plano, Tx to spur on the move.. Rumors are Toyota will even have a test track near the facility. Honda your next.

  8. Carl the Centipede says:

    Uhhhhh, I think this’ll cost more than any kidney is worth.
    Just sayin’.

  9. Scotty G says:

    I can picture a new (fake) reality show.. “Car Campus Flippers”.. hmm..

  10. Chris Green says:

    Is the Toyota museum part of this property, and will it stay?

  11. Kris says:

    Oh the ever not so popular annoying craigslist ad. Nice references Ben!

  12. J Wilson says:

    The NEW Jay Leno Garage ? ? ?

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