NEWS: Supra will not replace 86, next-gen in development

We had assumed that the Toyota 86 would continue ever since Subaru shot down the rumors that a second generation BRZ was canceled. At the time, only Subaru had confirmed that a next-gen was in development, but now a spokesperson at Toyota Europe has made it official. The 86 will live on as well.

Speaking to Autocar, Toyota Europe’s Mark Harrison confirmed that the 86 is not dead. Not only that, but Toyota sees it as “a successful ‘halo’ product for us.” Because the new Supra will have a four-cylinder in some markets, it was thought that that version might replace the 86.

“Supra is not to replace that car,” Harrison clarified. “They are for different audiences and are different products. We see a situation where they will sit alongside each other.” Furthermore, he states that it was “a safe assumption” that the next-gen would continue with a flat-four engine, meaning that it will be another co-production with Subaru.

An earlier report indicated that the cars might have a bigger engine based on the Subaru FA24 2.4-liter boxer. Ironically, that would mean that the 86 might have a larger engine than the four-cylinder Supra, though the latter’s 2.0-liter will be turbocharged. In any case, this is great news for those who want the experience of a traditional, lightweight, rear-wheel-drive Japanese sports coupe in a modern package. We’re glad to have official confirmation of this from both Subaru and Toyota now.

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6 Responses to NEWS: Supra will not replace 86, next-gen in development

  1. Yuri says:

    If anyone into JNC’s is thinking of a new car, I highly recommend the 86 twins. Driving one is seriously like owning a brand new 90’s Japanese sport coupe. I’ve driven zenkis and koukis, FRS’s, 86’s and BRZ’s, on the track and touge, from Japan to California to the Midwest, and it’s a car that just gets it. My current daily is a 1/500 BRZ tS, and it’s everything great about my AE86 GTS with the power of my SR20DET-equipped S13.
    There’s a reason if you go to Haruna, Akagi, or Hakone in Japan you see loads of 86 twins parked up in the PA’s. It’s just a fantastic car that drives fantastic, is cheap to maintain and upgrade, and fine-tuned to train the driver and take inputs in return.
    This is a car that I predict will be appreciated as a JNC in the future.

  2. LB1 says:

    I wonder who’s gonna work on it. Tada-san?

  3. Mark F Newton-John says:

    Remember, this is 2019, not 1989. 2.0 liter turbos can exceed 250hp. Now a larger 2.4 4U (5U?) motor might be fine, but a heavier engine could “upset the balance” the car has with the current motor.

  4. bryan kitsune says:

    As a 2013 FR-S (recall affected VIN) owner, I don’t really feel a need for more power. I think it drives great. It certainly gets out of its own way better than my old AE86 coupe did.

    But I’d like to feel more confident in the reliability of the FA20. Maybe I’m just overreacting to the post-recall failures (but from what I’ve read, oil starvation can be an issue without having recall work done/botched), but I wish this engine was 80s-90s Toyota bulletproof. I’d much rather have confidence in the engine than .4 extra liters or more power.

    I also realize there is approximately 0.00% chance of a Toyota powertrain coming to the rescue in the next generation.

    • jayrdee says:

      Nailed it on the head.

      I feel like the fact that there was even a recall to begin with takes away from the whole “86” name anyways. Like, when someone says AE86, you automatically think of the 4ag and how they’re nearly indestructible. FRS/86 on the other hand …….. nope.

  5. ACSK says:

    For the next 86: Please, please, please put a modified M20A engine in it! Oh, and add lightness. I will buy one. I drive too much to live with a Subaru engine.

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