Toyota’s Supra Heritage Parts Program will be offered in the US

Last May Toyota became the latest Japanese carmaker to announce a heritage parts program, starting off with items for the Supra. Just hours ago, Toyota announced that not only is the program kicking off this spring, but that it will extend overseas. What’s more, the company has released a list of initial parts that will be offered.

Though officially part of Toyota, technically the project is called the Gazoo Racing Heritage Parts Program, falling under Akio Toyoda’s pet motorsports division. In a Japanese press release, it was announced that the parts created by this program would be sold “in Japan and overseas (North America, Europe, etc.).” We’re not sure what “etc.” refers to, but at least we know the US, Canada, and likely UK will be covered. It also says the parts will be available at dealers, just like regular Toyota OEM parts.

Toyota says it is working with suppliers to make the program possible. As we learned with Honda and its program for the Beat, that can be a monumental task. Even with Toyota’s immense manufacturing prowess, there is a small asterisk attached to the 2020 date. “Retail sales may be postponed to 2021 because of manufacturing reasons,” the disclaimer says. So far, just eight items have been named.

For the A70 Supra:

  • Propeller shaft (pictured above)
  • Door handle
  • Fuel sender gauge
  • Weather strip
  • Front emblem

For the A80 Supra:

  • Head lamps (pictured above)
  • Door handle
  • Brake booster

This is an excellent start, if small. However, Toyota is taking the unprecedented step of soliciting requests, in English, over the web. If you have a Supra, you can fill out the form and make your voices heard.

Toyota is only the second Japanese carmaker to confirm its heritage parts for US sales. Mazda has said parts from its NA Roadster/Miata program will be coming to the US, but Nissan has no plans to offer its R32 Skyline GT-R or the expanded program’s R33 and R34 model parts, outside of Japan. Likewise, Honda’s parts for the Beat and its NSX refresh program will remain Japan-only.

It must be said that no matter what you think of the new Supra, it is likely responsible for the creation of this program. After all, it was announced by Shigeki Tomoyama, head of Gazoo Racing and the owner of a 600-horsepower A80 Supra, at the Japanese debut for the A90, and it comports with Supra chief engineer Tetsuya Tada’s professed commitment to supporting the tuning industry.

For now, the program is limited to A70 and A80 Supras. As a reminder, the A40 and A60 were called Celica XX, not Celica Supra, in Japan. However, with the program extended to the US and Toyota actively seeking input from English-speaking owners, there may be hope down the road.

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11 Responses to Toyota’s Supra Heritage Parts Program will be offered in the US

  1. Ian N says:

    Well let’s hope Australia is part of “etc.” !!

  2. MWC says:

    seems un-spectactular that Toyota would make a global announcement regarding a heritage parts program, yet only offer 8 parts. it almost appears that this announcement is either pre-mature or the program in not well researched. not impressed.

    • It’s probably a pilot project, meant to gauge the interest and that can be further expanded provided it’s profitable enough.

    • Jayrdee says:

      Dimitry said it perfectly. They’re probably gauging interest before going all-out.

      Its different for the R32 or the Miata. Those names are still money makers for Nissan and Mazda.

      Toyota’s money maker(s)? The Camry, or Rav4 Lol.

    • Tofu Delivery says:

      as the article says, these are just then initial batch… no other company is asking owners for feedback. give it a chance before you dismiss it.

  3. Matt D. says:

    Toyota is willing to reproduce all parts for the cars and the ones listed are just the start.

    Use to find the factory part numbers you need for the form. Ga70/ma70/jza70 all apply

  4. eric says:

    Please,please toyota start an AE86 parts program!!!!!

  5. Jayrdee says:

    I just hope that the Supra owners of the world eat this program up.

    That way Toyota is likely to open this program up to other cars (pleasepleaseplease do AE86 next)

  6. MikeRL411 says:

    If you can find a dealer who knows how, use “foreign parts ordering” option and you may get these NISSAN Skyline parts. I used this approach years ago to get RL411 parts. I needed unobtainable starter and Japan sent me a listing of all in stock piece part so that I could rebuild my existing starter. I rebuilt it and am still using the original unit. Great service from Yokohama parts people !

  7. I m an owner of an A60 celica SUPRA aka the mk2 SUPRA. Slot of these owners are having issues with finding a good set of rocker molding trim, Weather strip for the rear hatch, left and right rear quarter panels and windshield wiper assemble items.

    INSTAGRAM @russsellsanders

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