More than you can afford pal: Toyota Supra Turbo sells for $201,000

Last week, an original owner, 7,000-mile A80 Supra sold for $201,000. It is not the first time a Supra has crossed into the 6-digit territory, but it has set the record for the most an A80 that’s not a movie star has ever fetched.

The Renaissance Red over Ivory leather example was purchased by the seller from Grand Blanc Toyota in Michigan, in the proper three-pedal spec with Sport Roof and optional mudguards.

The original red paint still shines proudly, all while displaying the optional gold badges. All the light lenses show zero signs of oxidation or cracks.

Likewise, the leather upholstery shows no cracks and looks as supple as it did in 1995. The whole interior is a time capsule, nary an aftermarket boost gauge or head unit in sight.

The engine compartment is still Toyota powered all the way, with original hoses all the way down to the clamps. All the inspection labels have no signs of wear from engine heat, and even the traction control badge on the intake manifold amazingly still has its protective plastic.

The car was sold with service records and its original window sticker, which shows that it sold for $52,524 back in 1995. Adjusted for inflation, today that would be over $93,000. The selection of parts available through Toyota’s GR Heritage Parts Project is growing, but if you ever wanted to see all of those parts in one place, this is the car.

We’ve expounded before about why the A80 Supra prices were destined to go up, even when prices were at a “measly” $120,000. We said then that Supra values still had room to grow, and it looks like our reasoning is sound. The irony, of course, is that the famous scene from the original Fast and the Furious has now reversed itself. A 1995 Ferrari F355 in concours condition, according to Hagerty, is only worth $135,000.

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