Toyota RT40 Corona Fetches $36,000 at Mecum


Remember the Jack Safro collection we told you about last month? One of the cars at the Mecum auction was an original 8,769-mile 1966 Toyota Corona so new the plastic wrap was still on the door panels. Back in 2007 when JNC was only a month old this exact car sold for just $16,740, a record price for its time. But when the gavel dropped this time the highest bid was a whopping $36,000. With the economy the way it is, a better deal than AIG stock! The value of nostalgics is really going up.


Despite its automatic transmission and “color that only Ben could love,” this 8,774-mile 1981 Toyota Celica Supra sold for $22,000.


Land Cruisers have always been one of the most sought-after old Toyotas, but $47,500 for this 1966 soft top seemed a bit expensive, especially since it’s been modified.

Thanks to gaijinshogun here are the results for the rest of the collection.

NR 1968 Toyota Corona Coupe 2.0L, 5-Speed Manual $9,250
NR 1973 Toyota Land Cruiser Wagon 6 Cylinder, 3-Speed Manual $19,000
NR 1981 Toyota Supra Coupe 2.8L, Automatic $22,000
NR 1987 Toyota Cressida Limo $7,500
NR 1966 Toyota Corona 4 Door 1.9L, 3-Speed Manual $4,500
NR 1976 Toyota Corolla SR5 2-door 1.6L/185 HP, 5-Speed Manual $11,000
NR 1971 Toyota Mark II Coupe 2.0L, Automatic $12,000
NR 1966 Toyota Corona Sedan 1.9L, Automatic, 8,769 Original Miles $36,000
NR 2001 Toyota Prius Hybrid Paul Newman’s Personal Car $13,000
NR 2004 Toyota Tundra Long Bed Pickup ‘The Benchwarmers’ Movie Truck $7,750
NR 1968 Toyota Corona Truck 1.5L, 4-Speed, Very Rare LHD Utility Model $11,000
NR 2006 Lexus RX400h SUV Paul McCartney Edition $55,000
NR 1966 Toyota Land Cruiser Convertible 6 Cylinder, 3-Speed, Soft-top $47,500
NR 1981 Toyota Trekker 4WD Pickup 133.6/95 HP, 5-Speed, Designed by Jack Safro $22,250

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