Toyota revives the Black Limited 86

At the Tokyo Auto Salon in January, Toyota unveiled a close-to-production concept of a special edition 86 called the Black Limited. A throwback to one of the most desirable AE86 special editions of all time, it seemed to signal an upcoming model. Now it’s here, in all its midnight glory.

The original Black Limited was created as a special edition of the Sprinter Trueno AE86 3-door to mark the end of the beloved model’s production. It had an all-black paint job, gold snowflakes, orange gauges, and a host of other design details that set it apart from the regular Trueno GT-Apex. Toyota built only 400, and it is considered a holy grail among AE86 enthusiasts.

The 86 Black Limited follows in those footsteps, though because the 86 already comes in an all-black paint job, it’s a bit less special. However, it does feature exclusive gold 17-inch alloys, which fit over ventilated discs with Brembo four-piston calipers in front, two-piston calipers in back.

Sports dampers made by Sachs should give it firmer handling.  Though further details were not announced, it’s likely the same setup as numerous other 86 and BRZ models and trims like the Performance Package.

Exterior enhancements include a decklid spoiler and undercarriage covers to smooth out the airflow beneath the car. A ¥22,000 ($205 USD) stripe decal kit with gold waves (which kind of look like they belong on the side of an RV) is optional.

The interior features numerous bits of blackout trim, including bezels for the vents, shifter, and door pulls. The seats are upholstered in leather. and Alcantara, with heated fronts.

Lastly, a small “86 Black Limited” logo is embossed on the dash, which is covered in a suede-like material called Granlux. Since many of these items were already available on the numerous other 86 special editions that have come before, somehow it doesn’t feel as special as the original Black Limited.

However, it will be much rarer. So rare, in fact, that the official commercial released yesterday only shows a red one. Toyota is making only 86 Black Limiteds, 43 in automatic, and 43 in 6-speed manual (so really, only 43 of them), and thus far they are only offering it in Japan. If you happen to live there, Toyota is accepting orders from March 12 to April 16 on the Gazoo Racing website. There will probably be more than 86, so lucky owners will be chosen via a lottery system. The car itself goes on sale May 21 and will retail for ¥3,518,600 ($32,820 USD).

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  1. Mark F Newton-John says:

    And to 99.9% of everyone else, it’ll just be another black 86. Hate to say it, but why put Brembos on such sn underpowered car?

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