Toyota Registers "86" Trademark

Well this is interesting. Toyota registered the name “86” as a trademark on June 18. Hmmm…

While t’d be nice to be able to say the word hachiroku in reference to an official Toyota RWD compact, this is only one of several names that may appear on the rump of the Big T’s 2011 sport coupe. Toyota has also registered “FT-86” and “FR-S” as well. And as much as I personally love the AE86, I’m voting against it.

The reason? Because it’ll create a googling nightmare. It’s hard enough finding relevant information, parts, and actual cars for sale when searching for “1985-87 Corolla.” You’ve got the AE82 chassis, including the five-door hatchback and the FX, muddling things up. “GT-S” works sometimes, when the author decides to include that tidbit, but it’s often mistakenly written as “GTS,” if at all. AE86 is the only definitive signifier, so the last thing original hachiroku heads need is yet another “Toyota 86” clogging our search results.

So what should Toyota call this car?

[Toyobaru via Jalopnik]

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15 Responses to Toyota Registers "86" Trademark

  1. cesariojpn says:

    I’ve got it: The Fujiwara Special!!

    *ducks thrown items*

  2. Eljay says:

    “Frankenstein”? Imprezza-parts-bin-scavenger-hunt being a bit too long. Much as I dislike self-righteous purism,I do feel a sportscar should be as free from money-saving parts sharing with affiliated brands as possible.

  3. mister k says:

    sorry potential 86 buyers but there’s going to be a 4 week delay:

  4. kingtoy says:

    I think they should throw that coupe thing in the garbage and start all over.

  5. Robakun says:

    Just wait. The new car will be all things the AE86 is not. Heavy, slow responding, rev unhappy engine, not tossable, etc etc etc. Consider how many sports cars Toyota was cranking out back then, they had many people internally that was all for these types of cars. now they only make people movers so no one in Toyota knows how to make sports cars. I called it first here! Its just a patch job re-skinning a Fuji vehicle into a Toyota. Nothing wrong with Fuji vehicles. Its just not a Toyota AE86 style vehicle.

  6. Nigel says:

    I reserve judgement till the boys from “Best Motoring” test the car, off the production line.

  7. srfairladyz says:

    I’m told by some that I’m a certified ‘hater’ on many views, but any new sports coupe that’s from the land of the rising sun and is RWD, I can only say good things about. Nit pick if you must, but do not hate the FT-86.

    I think with the LF-A and IS-F. FR-S fits in there just right, and it rolls off your tongue nice! Try it..

  8. solidstripe says:

    They should of had two JDM toyota’s in that pic rather than a left hook Ae86… Like the look of those seats supprisingly…

  9. npChaos says:

    Well now if it officially gets canceled, we could all say it got Toyota 86’d.

  10. Jake says:

    Good one! Wish I’d thought of that!

  11. Onelegmurphy says:

    The ae86 wasent a sports car, it was a econocar made super bad ass by some mad engineers.
    They should stop trying to cash in on the cult status of the ae86, and just go back to making cool, fun to drive cars!

  12. Rob says:

    Toyota 86’ed any engineers who were still able to make sports engines years ago. so they outsourced to Subaru. am i mad? no, at least they are shooting in the right direction!!!! Give them a few years and they will sort out another lineup of EXCITING cars as in the past. i cant wait!

  13. EMC2 says:

    Toyota FT86.
    Will help with searches and relates it back to the AE86.

    I’m not 100% convinced that this will be the car that we all want… but it’s a start.

    Honestly, would you prefer that Toyota bring out this, or another Camry Seca Avalon Altise Super-Pensioner special edition?

  14. Eljay says:

    I’m still very much in love with the idea of a Daruma-inspired retro-Celica.A Japanese counter part to the new Camaro and Mustang,if you will.Yamaha-tuned ZR-engine up front,manual gearbox in the middle,driving wheels in the rear.Basic,light-weight (no hybrid version) and a pleasant price tag.I’m certain such a car would sell well!

  15. Tyler says:

    Ha. Welcome to the Volkswagen world when Wolfsburg decided to call their Mk5 Golf a Rabbit again (but only in the US). It makes searching for the Mk1’s a nightmare, especially when you’re looking for the original square headlight Westmoreland-built models.

    I don’t know what they should call it, but I know it shouldn’t be a “retro” name.

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