Toyota Land Cruiser Museum opens at Miller Motorsports Park

This week the Toyota Land Cruiser received its own dedicated museum in Tooele, Utah. The Land Cruiser Heritage Museum currently holds 40 of the stalwart Japanese SUVs, ranging from the monstrous Mega Cruiser built for the JSDF to a 1959 FJ25, one of the first Toyotas to be imported to the US, period. 

The ribbon-cutting ceremony took place in conjunction with CruiserFest, which began with an off-road trek of Cruisers coming in from Moab. The museum is located on the grounds of Miller Motorsports Park, which has been seen in several Depth of Speed videos featuring cars from Utah-based tuners JDM Legends.

Not all of the museum’s cars are bone stock concours winners, but there are some rare models like diesels and 70-series that were never sold in America. Their stated goal is to collect one example of every Land Cruiser built, along with vintage ads, memorabilia, models, and art. For more information call (801) 563-4250 and watch the video below.

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11 Responses to Toyota Land Cruiser Museum opens at Miller Motorsports Park

  1. Eljay71 says:

    Well,if there ever were a single car model that deserved it’s own museum,this is it!

  2. Benjamin says:

    That looks more like a personal collection than a museum. Once the gift shop is open and stocked with FJ trinkets , then you can call it a museum.

  3. mister k says:

    the only thing better would be a hakosuka museum

  4. Tyler says:

    Awesome. Now to get those JNC museums to start migrating east…

  5. Chad says:

    Time to load up the 510 its Starting to smell like a road trip. JDM Legends & Profit Cruisers
    Time to see what else Utah has to offer ?

    • Steve says:

      If you’re a Ratsun member find the SLC, UT thread and hit us up or get on We try and get our J-Tin together often

  6. kevin gurney says:

    sounds like my kind of museum

  7. cesariojpn says:

    Get rid of the rock crawlers in the first pan shot.

  8. Kevin T says:

    We need a JDM old skool museum here in Cali!

  9. Supralaju says:

    He should see my LandCruiser MK II LJ79 with 2.8Di 5 Speed Tranny:))))

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