Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 or cake?

The “Is it cake?” trend is a couple of years old now, but people still can’t get enough of ultra-realistic desserts. For the launch of the J250 Land Cruiser, Toyota had a 1/10-scale FJ40 cake made to commemorate the occasion. It also happened to be the 72nd anniversary of the Land Cruiser, but luckily the cake wasn’t stabbed with 72 candles.

Here’s a video on how the cake was made. Perhaps the most impressive part was how the wheels and tires were shaped with incredible detail. There likely won’t be any confusion about whether this FJ40 is cake or not, especially not when compared to the ultra-realistic props on this Japanese game show, but the effort is nonetheless tremendous. The only problem is that it looks so good you wouldn’t want to eat it.

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