Toyota shows one-off Heritage Edition Supra Sport Roof

Officially revealed this morning, Toyota has brought back a feature of the legendary A80 Supra: the Sport Roof. The removable roof panel was a Supra trademark, having been a feature of both A70 and A80 generations (so in Japan, where the first two generations were called Celica XX, all Supras had this feature). Toyota calls this the GR Supra Heritage Edition, but it’s only a one-off.

Essentially, it’s a targa roof, but since Porsche owns the trademark to the targa top, Toyota calls it a Sport Roof. Incidentally, Toyota has been using roof like this since the 1965 Toyota Sport 800.

The Supra was built for what would have been this year’s SEMA show, if the event hadn’t been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Last year, Toyota debuted a fixed-head GR Supra Heritage Edition that featured the four-round-element taillights and iconic spoiler. This is a second car, with the roof chopped off.

To be fair, it’s much more than a chopped roof. Toyota’s aftermarket team had to recreate the roof panels by 3D-printing the piece, and made sure it featured the same contours as the stock roof. Even though it’s a show car, the center panel can be removed and stowed in the car for practical purposes, just like the A70 and A80 Sport Roof. They also added stiffening to the roof structure

While the workmanship looks great, adding the word “heritage” or even “edition” seem like a bit of a stretch. There’s only going to be one of these ever built, and underneath the skin there’s still not much Toyota in it.

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5 Responses to Toyota shows one-off Heritage Edition Supra Sport Roof

  1. F31roger says:

    Man… that is awesome.

  2. harshith says:

    they look cute & ugly at the same time.

  3. Speedie says:

    I swing towards the ugly view. Way too many fake scoops, panel lines and unresolved mating surfaces. In particular I find the tacked on fake door scoop to be a truly hideous design element. Here is an article by Robert Cumberford at Automobile (who knows a lot more than I ever will about design) with his analysis.

  4. cesariojpn says:

    Oh don’t worry, much like the sunchasers of the 80’s, there will be some shop or aftermarket supplier that will do the chop top.

  5. Great to see that Toyota did it – I love the concept. Just like I predicted in the launch week of the GR Supra. 🙂

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