Before Toyota sells you its next supercar, it wants to know if you’ve ever owned a 2000GT

This year the FIA plans to kick off new Le Mans Hypercar class and Toyota will be there, ready and waiting with its Gazoo Racing Super Sport. The class homologation rules require 20 road cars to be built, and Toyota’s 986-horsepower sports car is one of the most highly anticipated. Toyota is taking applications to buy one right now, but it has a few questions on the form. Among them, have you ever owned a Toyota 2000GT?

Here is the full survey, straight from Toyota’s Japanese website. It’s a pretty interesting thing to consider, because while it’s common for luxury brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin to put a bouncer at the nightclub door, this marks the first time a Japanese marque — and a mainstream one at that — has vetted its customers.

The questionnaire starts out simple enough, with questions about your name and contact info. Then it asks for the number of high performance cars you currently own, with space to list up to 10 in order of preference. Next, it asks how many kilometers you drive your sports cars per year, and what cars might be on your shopping list.

But there are two cars Toyota is particularly interested in: the Toyota 2000GT and Lexus LFA. They want to know if you own either one now, or if you’ve owned one in the past. We have no idea what Toyota intends to do with this information, but it does seem they will take into account whether you’re a discerning Toyotaku.

Well shoot, I’m a discerning Toyotaku, but there’s no question for any of the Toyotas that I own. No AE86, Supra, Land Cruiser, or Lexus SC. I’m sure it was just an oversight in the form, and that Toyota will be fixing it any minute now so that I can submit my application for what will likely be a seven-figure exotic. Aaaany minute now, right?

The next section of the questionnaire asks about your motorsports experience. How often do you go to the track? What kind of racing floats your boat (WRC, F1, WEC, Indycar)? What kind of racing license do you have? The best part is the one asking about your level of participation in motorsports, whose choices range from “I watch it on TV” to “I own a racing team.”

Lastly, Toyota asks what you want out of a million dollar hypercar — a roadgoing prototype racer, beautiful design, or rarity as a collector’s item? — and your level of intent to buy one. One of the choices is “Will buy by all means”, which is probably the correct answer.

All jokes aside, it seems Toyota is taking this selection process seriously. It’ll be interesting to see how successful Toyota is when the Hypercar class kicks off later this year. With only 20 slated to be built over a five-year period (the lifespan of a WEC Hypercar class design) Toyota needs to be pretty choosy about who ends up with one. And it would be pretty darn neat to see a garage that includes the GR Super Sport alongside a 2000GT and LFA. Do you have what it takes to get on the list?

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2 Responses to Before Toyota sells you its next supercar, it wants to know if you’ve ever owned a 2000GT

  1. Mmitsi Solomon says:

    I need a brand new Toyota single cab 2.4

  2. Mark F Newton-John says:

    I still say the LF-A looks like a Celica with a body kit. ?

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