Toyota Crown on Crown Violence

It’s Friday, so here’s your weekend video. This video clip causes me actual physical pain because it combines three of my deepest loves – the kujira Crown, wagons, and vintage work vehicle paint schemes – and blows them all to Kingdom Come in one fiery crash… into another kujira Crown police car! Oh, the horror, the horror… If someone knows the name of the movie this clip originates from, please let us know in the comments section. Or, just use it to offer your condolences.

Hope your weekend fares better than this!

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10 Responses to Toyota Crown on Crown Violence

  1. Mr.L.J. Nordvik says:

    In the words of C-3PO: “I can’t bear to watch!”

  2. I must watch more classic japanese films, you get to see all the great cars.

    Speaking of which I noticed an old Honda S600 hard top in the Karate Kid II :). Might wanna post about that one 😛

  3. G-zilla says:

    Good proof that J-tin it’s not thin. Painful to watch though.

  4. Neil says:

    wow there is a lot of nice nostalgic deaths in those related movies as well. Also nice to see the japanese movies are just as cheezy as our older movies are, haha

    If you watch the video with the picture of a black car jumping out of a ball of fire, check out the s130 the “good guy” drives, the doors are freaky, it has a glass half gulwing sort of thing. weird.

  5. Mark says:

    Try the Internet Movie Car Data Base ….

  6. leongsoon says:

    I believe that’s Seibu Kusatsu for you, and that S130 has been modded of course. They have some nice DR30 Skylines too ^^

    Oh, on another note, did anybody notice the orange 280Z in Back To The Future? I watched it again 3 weeks ago and there was one in the beginning, just when Marty sets out on the skateboard from Doc’s house, pretty sweet!

  7. spriso says:

    Wow! A Japanese episode of CHiPs! You can’t see the protective roll cage in the work vehicle though… great link!


  8. coupeZ600 says:

    So it looked like it cleared the cop car pretty well, but it bee-lines for a little embankment, and rolls? Suspension (coil and leaf?) of Disbelief Required. A lot like Hollywood Movies, I guess……….

  9. banpei says:

    I just came across this replica of the C210 Skyline featuring that show:

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