Toyota Cressida Facebook page moderator experiences righteous meltdown

Cressida FB rant before

As many readers may know, I daily drive a Cressida wagon. That means I am part of the Toyota Cressida! Facebook group and occasionally get its posts in my feed when Zuckerburg feels like it. Recently, one of its moderators had a pretty hilarious meltdown that quickly grew into one of the most commented and liked posts in the group’s history. 

Cressida FB rant after 01

Below is the verbatim post from group moderator Alex Gibbons:

ALRIGHT FUCKERS LISTEN UP, many of you don’t know me, as I don’t post alot on this page BUT I do however monitor everything that occurs here. I’m like the unbiased admin,I’m barley into cars anymore, I think half the cressidas on this page look good and the other half look like UFO’s (cover photo cough lol jk) but I’m really just here to help delete all the spam and other stupid shit non cressida related you don’t wanna see on this page. But if I see one more punk ass kid take a perfectly good fucking car like the one pictured [in the lead photo] and then turn it into a piece of shit [photos above and below], I’m going to slap the fuck out of you, you should jump off a bridge after dousing yourself in gasoline and igniting it, with an m80 in your mouth you son of a bitch why?! Do you know how many of these things are fucking left in the world?! might as well go shoot a fucking wooly mammoth!

He then posted before and after photos of the same Cressida, a once relatively well known car in the group until the owner sold it. If you can look past the grammar and the fact that wooly mammoths went extinct several thousand years before recorded history began, the sentiment is valid. Predictably, many in commenters rebelled, posting photos of their now “ruined” Cressidas proudly.

Cressida FB rant after 02

Keep in mind that eight years ago or so, you could find unmolested Cressidas all day long on the list of Craig selling for Donald Trump’s pocket change. Today, you’d be lucky to find an untouched one at all. Their affordability and cool factor have introduced a whole new generation to the thrills of the RWD sedan. To be fair, the current owner says he bought it that way and will restore it to its former glory. We can only hope that’s true, especially as it’s already wearing the JNC inkan.

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24 Responses to Toyota Cressida Facebook page moderator experiences righteous meltdown

  1. Scotty G says:

    Ha! I feel his pain! HA!!

    I can see where he would snap after seeing how people use (abuse) facebook groups and the posting rules constantly; more often then not. “I know that this isn’t an old Subaru, but I thought you all would get a kick out of seeing this here anyway..”.. GAAAA!!.. I’m not sure about the advocating suicide part, that’s a little (lot) harsh, especially with what’s been happening in that area over the last couple of decades. But, I know (?) that he was just caught up in the moment.

  2. Bryan says:

    The Miata community has seen this happen a lot. JNC might be familiar with the “Blue Potato”: a Laguna Blue that owned the first PitCrew nose sold in the US as well as an RS Aizawa IRTB setup, among other things. Its owner decided to move onto an original Mini (which is currently being restored) and sold the car.

    What happened to the Potato after that is exactly the kind of thing this guy was talking about.

  3. dickie says:

    this is why forums with membership standards exist. if you foster the “fuck the haters” mentality and shield people from criticism, they will never learn from their mistakes. they will buy nice cars, churn through a “build” wherein as much tacky/trendy garbage as possible is bolted on, “modify” the chassis and body beyond repair and send it to the junkyard when they can’t sell it for five times the price they paid for it.

    we all love to see evidence that confirms our thoughts on bandwagons and the idiots that jump on them. as an owner of both cressidas and miatas, i find it simultaneously satisfying to be justified in my prejudice and disappointing to know that if i ever break one of my cars, replacement shells and parts will be nonexistent. does anyone remember when the x-chassis was still relatively unknown? we optimistically believed that the nonexistent aftermarket and closely guarded knowledge of turd-polishing would save us from the way things are today.

    the only solution is to stay ahead of the next bandwagon and cultivate relationships with like-minded people in that particular scene. don’t be closed-minded to criticism, even if it’s delivered in a way that makes your rear end sting. take idiots under your wing early and give them good advice; there’s a fine line between ignorance and stupidity and maybe YOU can make the difference in a car that makes it to a more deserving owner and a car that gets bandwagoned to death.

  4. Garrett says:

    Hey, that’s my car on the left of the cover photo. <3

  5. Ryan Senensky says:

    Even happens with Subarus. I almost went off on a dude back in November for taking a cherry 86 Subaru DL Wagon with like 95,000 on the clock and lifted it for his new rock crawler. About a month after that it looked like it went through WWIII.

    • Scotty G says:

      Oh man, don’t get me started on folks chopping up perfectly nice Subarus and turning them into friggin’ monster trucks!

      I know that a vehicle owner has any right to do literally anything to their own personal vehicle that they want to do, but still..

  6. Power Tryp says:

    This is a problem that will be self correcting in a few more years. For a few reasons. The first reason is obvious, supply of cheap yet popular cars is going to dry up. Sad yes but that will raise the price and availability of these (and other cars facing this issue) out of the realm of incapable youth.

    The second reason is a little less obvious. The people doing this will grow up and their tastes will change. Sadly that will leave a lot of the hacked up cars to the junk yard but the enthusiasts like Ben and that melt down mod who have a vested interest, nay passion for their cars will now have parts that may not have been there prior. It’s kind of a double edged sword on that front. As stands the style pendulum has swung back to the Spo-com days of the early 2000’s with crazy bodywork and big wings albeit with a lack of graphics and nice paint.

    The internet has changed the auto enthusiast community. Back in the day if a kid was into cars they would have to go to a shop or find a neighborhood mechanic to teach them how they worked and would then get the basics down before making changes. Now though, you can see a car across the world and say, I want my car to look like that. Of course there’s nothing wrong with that except if you don’t know about crash structures or the importance of proper maintenance then your mods could be hazardous. On top of that facebook groups become an echo chamber of “dude that looks sick” and “it’s his car he can do what he wants with it!” with no way to retain the knowledge for posterity.

    In the Cressida above I understand where the person was going with it but execution is terrible and the car choice is likely driven by the lack of affordable S-chassis Nissans.

    I guess I can only wonder, which car is next after the Cressida befalls the same fate as the S13 and AE86?

    • dickie says:

      miatas, lexus IS/GS/SC/LS, subarus have their own cult of ownership but they still manage to attract a lot converts. pretty much anything Japanese and RWD. there was sort of a thing going on in the BMW community but i think the PITA of maintenance and modification has kept it relatively small. same with 944s and other euros (excluding the VW lowest-common-denominator of society phenomenon).

      maybe the s130 and z31 will finally catch on. if crabspirits’ and marc’s (boostlogic) cars didn’t push people in that direction, i don’t know what will.

      • Power Tryp says:

        I would love to see people move off the S30 chassis to some S130 and Z31’s.

        924’s 944’s and other euros don’t have the “bro status” that Japanese cars do and yes cost of ownership is a little higher. I’m pretty sure people transition to them after ruining some japanese steel and cutting their teeth with mechanics.

  7. Brett says:

    Amen to that; and you can substitute just about any other JNC classic.

  8. Bob says:

    His “other half look like UFO’s (cover photo cough lol jk)” is a friend’s car, built from something he found sitting outside a radiator shop with the front end bashed in. pieced together with junkyard parts. A whole shitload of work went into that car, and it shows. It looks great in person. Consequently, if he doesn’t like it, he can go to hell.

  9. momon says:

    HAAA!!!! I don’t know you drive a Cressida Wagon. That’s like the best, Ben. Can I get a glimpse of your car? Article maybe?

    So sad to see a car in that condition. But who knows, maybe the owner got in serious debt but needed the car and drove it as it torn apart. He just didn’t lucky enough to have resources the bring his Cressida to better state.

    We don’t know what really happens.

  10. Gary says:

    I run two FB pages – one for the KE15/17 Sprinter community (bet you didn’t know we existed) and another for our business – Toyota Heritage….so here’s my thing;

    I was always taught that if you are prepared to throw your hat into the public ring then you must be prepared for some bastard to trample it.

    This cuts both ways; you open a FB community page and people (some) will trample that…you join that community and post up stuff, then people (some) will trample that too.

    That’s just how it goes. We actually put up with a lot on the KE15/17 page…I won’t tolerate
    outright bullying or trolling and simply putting down others for having a go.

    We also have a motto – love one / love all. We don’t care if your car is rancid, a UFO get used for racing street or any other application. As long as you have the same type of car as us you’re a part of us.

    Saves me an awful lot of administration time!

  11. Same with the Fairlady 240z’s. I know a few years ago you got them almost for free in USA and probably there are still plenty of them around. buth with raising Prices an numbers of cars going down (it’s already rare to find a good europ-specce’d one!) i wonder why still a lot of People ruin a nice Chassis to build a “Fugu Z” or other crazy shit like that. I mean each to their own but i can’t help but shed a tear every time i see a supernice car modified to a Point were it can’t be brought back to what it deserves to be…

    • Gary says:

      Yeah I agree, we each have our own preferences and opinions for what should be done to a JNC. But I’m not convinced that you can’t bring almost any car back to what it should be (even full resto classic) – basket cases, rancid, over mod’d etc there’s living examples out there of what can be brought back, even if not on a JNC. I think we should be more focused on simply ensuring we’re getting survival rates up no matter what form they take…

  12. Okiera29 says:

    Man, you are killing me Ben. Wife just bought an E30 and as such I need to lighten the load of project cars. I decided to keep the S30 I had recently gotten and get rid of the Cressida wagon that has sat for years. Now you make me doubt that…. Man I miss my Cressidas…

    • Ben Hsu says:

      I love Zs, but there will always be nice ones around due simply because they are so beloved. That and the fact that the collector market favors sports cars over sedans and wagons. Since I’m not looking to make a profit on my cars, I chose the Cressida simply because fewer people seem to be intent on preserving them.

  13. Alejandro Conzón says:

    Yeah, guys, it’s a petty… but you haven’t look at this yet

    Srry, for the long link, but i stumble upon this shit right now. Hope, some day, car manufacturers will make some kind of limited editions re-production of Cressida’s, and Celica’s, and Trueno’s. Dreaming doesn’t hurt…

  14. Randy says:

    An old vehicle fan after my own heart! (No secret there!)

    I’m not on FB – and have no intention to be, unless maybe for a work page, someday – but the first pic up top here doesn’t look bad.

    I’ll say that the rear shot of that white one looks kind of sad, but if those are Wisconsin plates, it’s probably not TOO bad, owing to age and winters.

    I’ll go along with the comment Bob made above about a car that was at the parts/salvage/junk (kills me to use that word) stage; if they rebuilt it to keep it from the crusher, then at least it’s still going…

  15. bob says:

    I have been a fan of Z cars ever since I saw my first one as a toddler in the early 70’s (it was the 112 yellow) and imagine my delight when in 1978 my father went out and bought a brand new ’78 280z in ‘wine red metallic’ aka paint code 611.

    I was finally able to buy my first Z used in 1990 (a gold 83 2+2) from its original owner with only 63k miles on it. A careful test drive impressed the original owner and from that point forward I have owned some sort of Z car ever since.

    As some of my friends and I discuss from time to time the natural attrition has dwindled the supply of good original rust free cars to a very small number. Couple that to owners who endlessly modify and nickel and dime these cars into oblivion has convinced almighty Nissan to stop producing parts and while the Japanese manufacturers have yet to discover a heritage parts business like the Germans and British pretty much insures these great cars will disappear ever more quickly.

    The S130 and Z31 were not cherished for so many years there are even fewer decent ones left and the Z32 is not far behind which is tough for me to watch having grown up during the years when they were plentiful on the roads and in neighborhood driveways even on the east coast. So I say keep modifying these great cars but, do not complain when the original parts are not available to keep even the decent ones going for another generation to enjoy them.

  16. So then I look at the local List of Craig and find the exact same fuckery that he was railing against. Guy is so clueless he thinks it’s a v6. Luckily, he’s “disconnected everything” so you won’t have to. It’s also very convenient to not see the interior or engine bay in the photos.

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