The new Corona Pandem kit is here

The widebody masters at Rocket Bunny are preparing to launch a new kit for the T40/T50 Toyota Corona. The latest subject for their popular line of Pandem-branded kits may seem like an odd choice, but we think it’s one that will spread quickly around the world. The teaser image above is the only official one right now, but we managed to find another.

Spotted a while back in front of the TRA Kyoto shop was a Corona coupe with mocked up fender flares. From the looks of it, the kit will have a chunky lower front spoiler and bolt-on-style flares. The Corona Pandem kit will go on sale just in time for hundreds of them to show up at SEMA and before you know it they’ll be everywhere. So, you know, wash your hands, stay at home, and wipe off your packages.

Photo rendering by Ryan Senensky.

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12 Responses to The new Corona Pandem kit is here

  1. Anonymous_C says:

    awaiting Corona VS 510

  2. XRaider says:


  3. Lee L says:

    Sick! Looks a lot like an early volvo 240 from the front with that body kit

  4. DesignerD says:

    Free case of Corona beer with every purchase?

  5. LB1 says:

    April fools?

  6. MikeRL411 says:

    A pebble at 25 MPH would destroy that front air dam.

  7. Dankan says:

    I fell hard for this. I should have known better, but given how many classic cars Pandem have ruined through their kits, adding the Corona to their list of aesthetic atrocities was too plausible for me.

  8. M1k3 says:

    April Fool’s!!!

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