Toyota Celica Speedster at Woodward Dream Cruise

celica-convertible speedster
Since 1995, the Woodward Dream Cruise has taken over the streets of Detroit each August and is one of the biggest gatherings of muscle cars and hot rods on the planet. J-tin is a pretty rare sight at the WDC, but we’re not sure if that’s because photographers focus on the domestics or because there really isn’t any.

Motor Trends article on this year’s cruise showed this Toyota Celica speedster, a custom job that lopped the roof off a first gen coupe – a scalped daruma, if you will. There’s also a droptop Datsun 260z in their gallery. They’re not exactly our cup of cha, but we’re glad that people are paying attention to them and that nostalgics are welcome at the WDC.

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14 Responses to Toyota Celica Speedster at Woodward Dream Cruise

  1. Sr-FairladyZ says:

    Yea, I’ll pass.

  2. bert says:

    With the exception of that dumb fiberglass cover on the back, that car is actually kind of cool! I often wonder what our favorite nostaligs would look like topless!

  3. CLe4R says:

    I think there’s some nice custom work there. It probably had a vinyl top originally, meaning it was rusted to the tops of the doors, anyway.

  4. j.a.c.k says:

    man, i’d roll the hell outta that convertible celica! i mean if it ever stops raining here in seattle i would. d’oh!

  5. Toyotageek says:

    Not my cup-o-tea, but it’s cool in it’s unique little way… 🙂

  6. Brad D. (TSiSS350) says:

    Not my choice for a custom….but better than it rotting away in a field!

  7. Bob says:

    That was on the local Craigslist a year ago for $1500, never saw/heard of it again. Seller never e-mailed me back either when it was for sale. It came with another ’75 Coupe that was a non-runner, supposedly.

    JNCs at the dream cruise are depressingly rare. There was one haggard looking 280Z (S30) roadster on a side street, and a V-8 powered S30 from Arizona (IIRC). There were supposedly a club of Puerto Ricans in Pontiac with a bunch of old Toyotas and Mazdas and a rotary powered Ford Anglia drag car, but despite much searching I never found them. 🙁

    And for the record, EVERYTHING is welcome at the Dream Cruise. 🙂

  8. Bob says:

    Why is it every time I post something, it disappears?

    This car was on Craigslist locally about a year and a half ago, IIRC it came with a ’75 Celica coupe that didn’t run. Tried to get more info, seller never responded, ad fell off and never got relisted. Looks better in this picture than it did in the ones in the ad, the rolbar hoops are exhaust tubing IIRC and the interior is an explosion of yellow spraypaint. Sadly, one of very few JNCs at the dream cruise, though EVERYTHING is welcome there. The lack of JNCs is due to the general lack of them in the area and the lack of people who bring theirs out. There were a few late S30s out this year, and one S30 turned Ferrari GTO replica, and one shoddy old S30 roadster conversion, IIRC it was a 280Z.

  9. Brooks says:

    It should perhaps be noted that Detriot is not exactly a city known for its fondness for automobiles made by companies that are competing with the local economy. 🙂

  10. I was at the Woodward Dream Cruise with my 1977 Celica GT LB powered by a built 7MGTE! There were a few old JNC’s, but not many at all. I did see a lot of old 300zx’s though. Just a few 240z’s and this Celica (well, mine too). You would not believe how many people asked me “What year Mustang is that?!?!” hahahah

  11. BlownArrow! says:

    Now after visiting the link for motor trend, I kind of take that as a slap the face.. Did you see the other pic’s it was nested with in the article? Come on 1992 Dodge Colt Erebus? RanchAerostar, 1991 Ford Escort Carputer, and F-in 4door vett family-gag-me-with-a-GMC4! That wasn’t recondition for the jnc’s that was a foto list of strange sh:t they saw!

  12. Ben says:

    Doh, BlownArrow, you’re right. That’s pretty insulting!

  13. Sarcasmo says:

    Look at the butterball driving it. Poor car. lol 😛

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