Toyota Celica Drifts Through Norwegian Milk Ad

There have been examples of J-tin used in non-Japanese advertising before. However, this is the first time we’ve seen a Norwegian anime chick drift an A40 Toyota Celica through a wet obstacle course. These commercials sing the praises of the Q-Milk cartons’ new screw-on cap and plastic window. We can’t stop envying the car’s skinny chrome bumpers. Another ad after the jump.

Hat tip to RoadsterViking and Banpei.

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8 Responses to Toyota Celica Drifts Through Norwegian Milk Ad

  1. E-AT_me says:

    wow.. that seems like super-random to me? pretty cool though.

  2. Brad D. (TSiSS350) says:

    Hmmmm, I dont get it…but I like it. And wow do those bumpers EVER make a difference!

  3. bert says:

    Do you think those bumpers came on the first gen Supra? That might be a sweet looking ride with body colored flush bumpers like these, and a huge improvement!(of course without the park bench on the back of the car there’d be nowhere for the mother inlaw to sit!)

  4. Ben says:

    Just noticed that the wheels are genuine Toyota wheels with the center caps missing. I wonder if the car is animated too… if so, that’s attention to detail!

  5. banpei says:

    Great to see you liked the tip! 😉

    @brad the idea is that driving blind is the same as if you don’t see how much milk is left in the carton. 😀

    @ben I don’t the whole car is animated… As I said in my blogposting the car has too much odd details:
    1. when the girl steps out you can see the tape between the “metal” and the window
    2. sheet metal on the rear window but still a rear wiper
    3. driver side door got a different paintjob than the rest of the car
    4. third gen Celica alloys (aka second type pizzacutters) do not match the car and one centercap is missing.
    So I think they just had a professional do the drifting and pasted the CGI girl over the driver when he/she stepped out.

  6. rob says:

    she also covered the “celica” badge that is on the ‘b’ pillar with her hand as she got out, obviously to not advertise it.

    and for the person who is wondering if you can use the bumpers from as they said “First Gen Supra”. You cannot run MA45 front bumpers on a RA40 but the rear bumpers will fit.

  7. rob says:

    also they would have taken the centre caps off the RA60 wheels because it has “toyota” printed on them.

  8. Lars says:

    Cool, I know the guy driving the celica, its not animated…. Unfortunately the car was more or less a wreck before the filming started, so it ended up in the junk yard
    an old video of him drifting an ae86:…eature=related

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