NEWS: Owner of Toyota 2000GT crushed by tree files lawsuit

Toyota 2000GT crushed

Remember that story of the Toyota 2000GT that was ruthlessly crushed by a tree and an uncaring universe? Well, it’s back in the Japanese news again, as the owner prepares to file a lawsuit against the province in which the accident occurred. 

Toyota 2000GT crushed by tree

The incident occurred in Toyama Prefecture at approximately 9:00am on June 8, 2014. Just as the unnamed driver of the 2000GT was passing under a 100-foot birch, the tree came down on top of the rare classic, pretty much destroying it (along with the hearts of fans across the world). The driver sustained light injuries, but probably much deeper emotional ones. He had just bought the car three months before.

At the time, it was reported in the Japanese press that people had warned authorities that the tree, which had a rotting trunk and hung over the road at a sharp angle, was dangerous. That forms the basis of the lawsuit, which alleges that the incident could have been avoided and that the prefecture didn’t properly maintain the highway.

The lawsuit seeks ¥39 million, which seems like a lot until you convert it to US dollars and realize it’s equivalent to just $360,000 USD and includes the owner’s medical expenses. In the US, the 2000GT is a million dollar car. We’d say the Toyama Prefecture Highway Department is getting off light.

Widely considered one of the most beautiful and historically significant cars from Japan, there were only 337 Toyota 2000GTs built. Of those, the Japanese press estimates there are only 100 or so in the country. The crushed 2000GT is currently undergoing repairs.

Images from attorney of plaintiff.

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10 Responses to NEWS: Owner of Toyota 2000GT crushed by tree files lawsuit

  1. Brett says:

    I wasn’t aware of this incident before reading the above post; it has certainly started my day off badly.

  2. SHC says:

    $360,000 probably won’t cover repairs.

  3. no salsa says:

    Or the lawyer’s

  4. Scotty G says:

    This could have had a really, really tragic ending. I can not believe that I’m going to say this, but, a human life is even more valuable than a 2000GT is; even if it is my favorite car of all time and I didn’t know the driver/owner at all, and.. hmm.. let me think on that for a minute.
    No, kidding! The older I get the older I want to get, so that dude is just lucky that he’s still here to sue someone for a tree falling on him and his unbelievably cool car.

    For the record: a tree has never once fallen on our garage, so if he would have just stored said 2000GT in our safe, treeless garage, he could have visited it any time he wanted to! Problem solved!

  5. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    Questions; Was it adequately insured? If so, wouldn’t the policy cover it?

    Reality; Having lost a car in a repair shop accident (utterly totaled) very recently, I can attest to how much of a nightmare it was, even if you were totally not at fault or even involved. It sapped the energy out of everybody & I think that’s by design so you’ll just give up & go away (I didn’t, but it was epic & very ugly).

    I feel for the guy…

  6. Danny says:

    Sad! RIP!

  7. amar says:

    i was thinking about this car the other day, is there any information regarding the restoration process? (hopefully its better than mine, let it sit in the corner xD)

  8. Punto8 says:

    Crush it… Or rather finish crushing it 🙂 I am sure the remaining 2000GT owners share my sentiment since it will only make their cars that much more valuable. As long as the person in the car is ok then it all ends well. I am a Toyotista to the end but no car is “worth” a $1,000,000 to me. One Love!

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