Toyo Kyogo Instructional Video on the Mazda Rotary Engine

What starts out like an episode of Schoolhouse Rock is actually a 1960s Toyo Kyogo video about the Mazda rotary engine. We get a lesson in the operation of the Wankel, and its advantages over its piston counterpart. Best of all, there is some footage of the 1970 Mazda RX-500 concept you guys dug last week in motion around Yatabe test track. Watch the two-part video below the fold.

Part I.

Part II.

[Youtube via Jalopnik]

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6 Responses to Toyo Kyogo Instructional Video on the Mazda Rotary Engine

  1. 80Celica says:

    Very informative! Got my day’s lesson……BUT!!! its 2011 and rotary engines have not been replaced by reciprocating ones…so just a little overshot by Mazda there.

  2. Camshaft says:

    Amazing! Thanks for posting. incidentally it’s really tough to find pictures of the RX-500 in yellow.

  3. Victor says:

    anyone know if thats a 12A or a 10A rotor they use in the second video?

  4. j_c says:

    The engine they’re tearing down with the 3 small exhaust ports is a 10A from an RX-3.

  5. Ben says:

    I would guess that it’s a 10A from a Cosmo Sports based on the time of this video, but I don’t know how different those engines are, if at all.

  6. retrokid says:

    Could’ve sworn that MX-500 came straight outta that Diamos cartoon..

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