Toss Some Shrimp on the Bellet

belletgrill1.jpgbelletgrill2.jpgWhat a way to close out the week.  If your Sabbath includes some nice outdoor grilling, check this out.  Our forum member Brett, who goes by the handle 1600GT, has created the coolest, if not the only, Isuzu Bellet-based barbecue grill in the universe. In fact, we think it’s safe to say this is the coolest grill, period. The owner of three Isuzu Bellets, including a race car and a Wasp flatbed ute, Brett had a few extra parts lying around after the restoration of his 1600GT, and put them to good use by bringing aestheticism and elegance to what would otherwise be a row of hot metal bars. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but any Kobe beef steaks to come out of this Bellet boot are sure to be extra tasty. Check out Brett’s Bellets here.

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  1. Craig says:

    Barbecued wagyu anybody?

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