Best Torrance South Bay Nostalgic Car Meet Yet

As we headed down to the monthly South Bay meet in Torrance last Friday, we ran into the hakosuka and kenmeri Skylines from Right Hand Drive Japan. Matched in white paint and gunmetal Wats, they were a sight to behold in LA traffic.

These Skylines are for sale, though it’s almost a shame to split up the pair!

Before we go any further I should apologize for the bad photos. That’s what you get when Dan or John aren’t behind the camera.

Anyway, Here are three vintage Dattos dripping with character, although our friend with the 510 Wagon didn’t position his car in proper Japanese parking style. Back in, folks!

This month’s meet was one of the best we’ve attended. There were a lot of new faces, like this yellow StarQuest. To be specific, it’s an Americanized Chrysler Conquest TSi, not a Mitsubishi Starion.

We were pleasantly surprised to see this SB1 Honda Civic, which we don’t recall witnessing at any local events before. Vintage Hondas are vastly under-appreciated so we’re always glad to see a new one.

Nor have we seen this wickedly slammed Honda Civic Wagon. Those who write these cars off for being front wheel drive are drastically underestimating their coolness factor and tuning potential.

Fourth-gen (1988-91) Civics aren’t strictly old school, but they’re getting there and definitely have a certain nostalgic appeal.

Hey, familiar faces lined the lot as well. The R-Power crew are regulars, always rolling deep with a colorful contingent of Mazda RX-2s, R100s and non-Mazdas that have been given rotary heart transplants.

This row looked ready to do battle with zombies or something. The primered Mazda RX-3 could have easily qualified for our Pure Evil squad, while the A60 Toyota Celica Coupe and TE38 Corolla Wagon exude battle-hardened toughness.

Massive Kyuusha Kulture on a duo of MX32 Cressidas. First of all, two-tone. YES. Secondly, check out the depth of those Centerlines and the takeyari exhaust pipes on his partner in crime.

More zombie killing potential from an X60 Toyota Cressida.

This could be that Cressida’s little brother, Zombie Killer E70 Corolla.

Datsun 510 rockin’ the koreisha mark.

A very clean, caged Mazda RX-3SP. The appearance package cost $345 over a regular RX-3 back in 1977.

Another yellow Mitsubishi rebadged as a Pentastar, though this Dodge Colt harbors a rotary underhood. Triple marque score!

The ol’ JNC wagon found a new friend. Cressida buddies forever ( ^_^)!

Let us just reiterate the fact that this is a stellar meet. J-tin fans come in all sizes, backgrounds, and ages. Everyone is friendly and civilized, and showboating is kept to a minimum. A big thanks once again to Jorge, Priscilla, Boris and Moises for organizing this meet month after month. The next one is scheduled for February 5. Don’t miss it!

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12 Responses to Best Torrance South Bay Nostalgic Car Meet Yet

  1. Moises says:

    thanks for coming out guys! maybe next time it wont get rolled by the poh-leece!

  2. Kimico says:

    This is the best way to start the New Year. Nice nostalgic car meet.

  3. zulu says:

    looked like a epic meet! btw the 1stgen cressida with the wide wheels is running Centerlines Not SSR MK1s

  4. J.Ramirez (zetozeto99) says:

    Thanks for coming out again, Ben!

    Great meet everyone!

  5. Ben says:

    zulu has got my back!

  6. Darin says:

    Hey you guys…that was definitely the best I’ve seen. It was funny how it started off so quiet and without fail…every 5-10 minutes another few cars would roll up! Man…it brought back a lot of memories of when I was hangin out on Friday nights at Naugles in Gardena! I appreciate everything you guys do to get everyone out there. It’s been so cool and the police haven’t even had to flex! It’s great to just hang with everyone out there. Take care and see you guys in a few weeks for the next one. I can’t wait to show off my new project!


    p.s. Please correct the link to the photo of R Power…it’s not showin!

  7. joe says:

    gotta love those wago-vans

  8. zulu says:

    yeah no problem ben. glad to help where I can

  9. Ben says:

    Thanks Darin, fixed!

  10. Jun says:

    That green backwards-parked 510 wagon…and the owner is Japanese too! Must have been his first time at one of these. Cut him some slack Ben 😉

  11. Ben says:

    Ok, slack cut. But only because he’s a fellow wagoneer!

  12. J.Ramirez (zetozeto99) says:


    Glad you could make it out! Thanks for the support! Hope to see the new project next meet!

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