TOM’s launches Toyota restoration business to mark 50th anniversary

Tachi Oiwa Motorsport, better known as TOM’s, has been modifying the latest and greatest Toyotas for 50 years. To mark the occasion, the famed tuning house announced at the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon that it has started its own restoration business. To kick things off, TOM’s showed an A80 Toyota Supra restomod based on the TRD 3000GT first shown at the Tokyo Auto Salon 30 years ago.  

Back at the 1994 Tokyo Auto Salon, Toyota Racing Development showed off the TRD 3000GT to kick off the then-new Supra’s entry into JGTC, the Japan Grand Touring Championship. Its often copied vented hood, adjustable rear wing, aero nose, fenders, and side skirts were all wind tunnel tested and built as road-going versions of the JGTC race car’s bodywork. These parts, plus its suspension, intake, and exhaust modifications could be purchased by Supra owers from the once-ample TRD catalog, but Toyota also built 35 examples for sale as complete cars.

TOM’s demo car started life as 2000 Supra RZ. From there, TOM’s refreshed and tuned the 2JZ-GTE to output approximately 380 PS (375 hp) and 333 lb-ft of torque. Aero parts from the TRD 3000GT, which were last sold about 25 years ago, were repaired before installation. The suspension comes from TOM’s own Advox Sports line, matched with gold Bridgestone Potenza RW007 wheels (F:19×9.5J +27 R:19×10.5J +35) wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza S007A tires.


The wild green paint was chosen to draw a connection to the TOM’s A90 Supra shown at the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon. However, the specific shade comes from the green in the famed Castrol TOM’s Supra campaigned in JGTC. Whether intentional or not, the green also evokes the Turbo Celicas that TOM’s founder Nobuhide Tachi raced as part of Toyota’s works effort in the 1970s.

TOM’s acknowledges this is more of a restomod, a classic updated for seamless drivability in modern conditions. The company’s new restoration department will offer full-service builds, which will range from light refurbishments to bare-metal restorations. The service includes sourcing high-quality used cars and replacing sheetmetal, interior, and mechanical hardware. Customization using TOM’s parts is also offered, of course. The goal is for the car to emerge from TOM’s shop as turnkey classic that can be driven safely in today’s traffic.

TOM’s specifically calls out some other models that it plans to specialize in restoring, including the TE27 and AE86 Corolla Levin and Sprinter Trueno, Z20 Soarer, X100 Chaser, W20 MR2, and A70 and A80 Supras. TOM’s also plans to reproduce out-of-production parts, though it has not specified which ones.

The cost for this Supra is ¥25 million, or about $170,000 USD at today’s exchange rates. Many at the Auto Salon have already expressed interest in buying it. With 50 years of experience tuning Toyotas and running one of Toyota’s factory JGTC teams, there is no shop that knows Aichi steel better. The next car TOM’s plans to restore is a TA22 Celica.

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3 Responses to TOM’s launches Toyota restoration business to mark 50th anniversary

  1. Mafika Hlongwane says:

    This is amazing the legendary tuning house TOM’s back at it with the iconic Supra.

  2. Randy Hone says:

    How about other models ie SW20 series?

  3. Fashion Victim says:

    It’s great to see TOM’s getting the limelight again. in the late 90s , TOM’s seem to have taken a backseat to TRD, and in the 2010s, to Gazoo Racing. It’s nostalgic since I noticed TOM’s prominently in the 80s.

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