TOM'S Racing Motorsports History

Here’s a cool video showing the history of TOM’S Racing. The Toyota-authorized tuning house was founded in 1974 by Nobuhide Tachi and Kiyoshi Oiwa (TOM’S stands for Tachi & Oiwa Motor Sports). There’s some excellent footage of their Chaser and JGTC Supras, along with some vintage clips of their TE27 and TE71.

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5 Responses to TOM'S Racing Motorsports History

  1. Benson says:

    That was awesome! Wish they showed a bit more of the Chaser.

  2. Rob says:

    best Christmas present!

  3. bert says:

    The Corolla silhouette racer looked pretty cool, and fast! I always wondered if the MK3 Supra’s were ever raced. It’s hard to find any racing footage of them, and they don’t seem to get as much appreciation as the MK4.

  4. vballin says:

    that’s an awesome video!

  5. Great footage through the decades – bert is right, Mk3 doesn’t get the recognition it deserves! All Supras have been outstanding for their time.

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