Tomica Limited Vintage A60 Toyota Celica 1600GT-R

A60 Toyota Celica coupes have been surging in popularity lately, and why not? It’s RWD, still affordable, and styled with that 80s angularity we love so dearly. They’re like the AE86‘s big brother, but a lot easier to find on craigslist in decent condition. In fact, they’ve been easier to find in real life than diecast. 

With the exception of very pricey 1/43rd resin replicas of TTE‘s Group B monsters and Meiji Gum blind box Choro-Q style models, collectors of the A60 Celica have had no luck. All is about to change come this October, when fans of the A60 will finally be rewarded by the thoughtful folks at Tomica.

The Limited Vintage Neo series will include the “black mask” version of the 1984 Celica 1600GT-R, which in JDM spec came with hachiroku‘s the 4A-G motor. It will initially be offered in two colors, white and two-tone silver/gray. This is the first time this car has been made in 1:64 scale, and as a bonus it has all the quality the Limited Vintage line has to offer. For minicar fans in the US and other regions, they will be available via DaBoxToys (see Lamley Group for a coupon code) who ships internationally and has other models available from the Limited Vintage line.


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9 Responses to Tomica Limited Vintage A60 Toyota Celica 1600GT-R

  1. EffinMike says:


  2. Jin says:

    NOOOOOO!!! Don’t post this kind of stuff! Now all the owners looking to sell their Celicas are going to bump up their prices out of my range! Damn you JNC! lol.

  3. ra21benj says:

    1st car was a RA65 GTS Coupe. The independant rear-end would camber a lot after i lowered it. The 22RE engine had good mid-range, but not much top-end. 22RE also was very reliable as I had +250,000 miles before I sold it.
    I wouldn’t mind getting a cool looking kouki RA60 GT coupe because I prefer the live axle for oversteer. It’s great Tomica is making this.

  4. Ben says:

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Altho I still want to find a 1:24 scale liftback!

  5. Freddy says:

    Awesome….glad to see the RA/A60 models are getting popular!

  6. Toyota1515 says:

    Ohh yeah finally A60’s are getting the respect they deserve!

    I am glad i got a nice example at home, ready to be a TA64 wannabe!

  7. Nigel says:

    My Mom had one of these.
    (So I will need to buy two).

  8. Miek says:

    I would buy one of these cars if it had some kind of an engine swap. I like their looks, them at the Celica Supra. Both sexy cars. I prefer the hatchback form but this notchback is neat in person.

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