Tomei Racing Exhaust Manifold for B310 Sunny

In recent years vintage races inspired by the old TS Cup series has surged in popularity. Ever the popular choice, the Datsun Sunny has been a formidable opponent, both then and now, and it’s about to get a bit more formidable with a new exhaust manifold by OG tuning house Tomei.

According to Tomei, these new pipes are based on design from the old TS Cup days, refined and updated for the modern age.

As always, the craftsmanship is amazing, and Tomei has faithfully reproduced the piping length, diameter, thickness, and collection area’s profiles of the original TS racers.

In fact, Tomei claims that the metalsmiths who created these works of art hail from that period as well!

Typically manifolds join the rest of the exhaust by bolt, but the “flange-less” design, held together with side joints, allows smoother exhaust flow.

Although some modification to the floorpan is required, and the part itself will set you back $3,330, it’ll all be worth is when you pop the hood to reveal…

This. The part number is 193090 and you can download a PDF flyer here.

{Images: Tomei Powered] Hat tip to Nils E.

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7 Responses to Tomei Racing Exhaust Manifold for B310 Sunny

  1. Tyler says:

    So when does the Museum of Modern Art open this exhibit?

    • Ben says:

      At the NY MOMA several years ago they had an exhibit on industrial design, and one of the very few car-related parts was a tail light lens from a 1st gen Miata!

  2. retrokid says:

    I never imagined in my wildest dreams that an engine part could induce an erection…

  3. Eric says:

    That’s a beautiful piece… loving the swiss cheesed motor and trans mounts too.

  4. Nils E. says:

    you’re very welcome – always like to bring you new parts-news from japan 🙂

  5. BOCHORONGO says:

    it only cost as much as my car ! sweet ! lol

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