2010 Tokyo Nostalgic Car Show

The Tokyo Nostalgic Car Show took place at the bizarre inverted ziggurat known as Big Sight convention center last weekend. The annual event isn’t limited to Japanese classics, and this year focused on high end Italian exotics. Ho-hum, right? But like the trooper he is, Skorj was on location with a camera getting up close and personal with some of Japan’s top nostalgics.

Say hello to the Biko Works kenmeri, one of many cars on display/for sale by the Chiba-based vintage car dealer.

From what is called the atomic cockroach school of design, an E10 Datsun Cherry X-1, proving that front-wheel-drive can be cool.

You knew there’d be at least one box Skyline somewhere in there. No badges indicate it’s either a restoration in progress or a clone with hakosuka taillights.

Japanese license plates don’t have letters, just numbers. So vanity plates are usually limited to the numerical characters of the chassis code. In the case of the TE27 Toyota Corolla Levin it works out perfectly because like the hachiroku, its nickname is simply the ninana, “two seven” in Nihongo.

With an overwhelming presence of Italian machinery, Skorj took the camera outside to where the real action was, Big Sight’s parking area. Is it just his excellecnt photography or does the front end of this other ninana gleam like a spanking new showroom model? The piercing headlights are positively jewel-like and his low perspective captures the exquisite floating grille wonderfully.

In contrast, its successor, the heroic AE86, has a starker visage, epitomizing the straight-edged 80s aesthetic. Again, the vanity plate says only “hachiroku.”  The panda paint scheme in monochrome makes it look as if a light dusting of snow has covered the car.

The B110 Sunny, Nissan’s answer to the Corolla, sporting a decidedly new school hamburger badge. Though sanitora pickups were built well into the 90s, this round-lighted mug wears the trapezoidal grilled of the older models.

It’s tempting to add external gewgaws to a car one is customizing, but when it comes right down to it cleanliness is next to godliness. No chin spoiler, no fog lights, just smooth, clean-shaven valance makes this shakotan kenmeri Skyline an absolute stunner.

This is a view rarely seen of G-nosed Zs, showing off the subtle taper of the headlight coves. The vanity plate is a curious homage, as the prevailing nomenclature for the S30 chassis in Japan is still Fairlady Z. Also, look to the right — I’ll have to impart on Skorj the importance of not skipping over Mark II/Cressida wagons next time!

The ornate, gaping maw of the kujira is the last thing a plankton will ever see. Note the large chrome shelf, a concession to those who did not appreciate the S60 Crown‘s body-colored bumpers.

There’s something missing here. Oh, right a grille. The rear-engined Hino Contessa didn’t need no stinkin’ cooling apertures on its nose! Just smooth, unbroken sheetmetal all the way.

GT-R badges on Skylines are like Z/28 emblems on ’69 Camaros. Sure, it could be real, but chances are it’s a clone.

Especially when there are two in one lot.

And as we bid adieu, here’s a parting shot of two Sunnys, one truck, one Excellent.

Skorj is a photographer/journalist living in Japan. You can see more of his work at Magnesium Photos.

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7 Responses to 2010 Tokyo Nostalgic Car Show

  1. Chris says:

    I love the left field angle on car show photos, very well done. I hope Skorj doesn’t mind but I posted the full frontal shot of the sunny truck on beeoneoneoh. Thanks Skorj

  2. Chris says:

    p.s. I wouldn’t mind knowing what these were shot with? They are so silky

  3. Nigel says:

    That view of the Z just says why it had such great aerodynamics.
    Super simple pics give some great perspective of some great cars.
    Skorj you are a master. Thanks for the cool pics.

  4. E-AT_me says:

    my favorite is the AE86. it just absolutely SCREAMS 80’s. no question about it what so ever. reminds me of Atari, pacman, and every other 80’s japanese car..

  5. Robakun says:

    I actually parked to cars down from those Sunnys. The show also had a swap meet but it was lame. The show used to be good but has gone down hill. Not many people there and the swap meet was a bust except for a book store where I scored some old magazines. The Cherry was nice and the XR-1 was even cooler. I will post pics somewhere else when I get a chance.

  6. bert says:

    I actually very much apreciate the body colored bumbers on the S60 Crown. They are such a unique vehicle, that it almost seems wrong to have chrome park benches on them!

  7. Sarcasmo says:

    I don’t like those E10 Cherries, never did… it’s even FUGLIER at that angle. It looks a turtle. Who designed that car, American Motors Corp.?

    It ranks in the school of ugly with the Gremlin and the Pacer.

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