Tokyo Motor Show: Could this be the return of the Honda Hunter Cub?

At the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda quietly rolled out a bike concept that hearkens back to the original CT110, aka the Trail Cub or the Hunter Cub. Though not for production, Honda says it was there simply to gauge customer reaction. If it’s positive Honda might actually build it, which wlt be pretty exciting for its fans from around the globe.

Released in 1961, the original Trail 50 was essentially a version of the Super Cub modified for off-road use. The variant spanned several iterations in parallel with the Super Cub. The final version the CT110 (above), was introduced in 1980. Built on the same low-floor backbone frame, the Honda removed the leg guards and added blocky tires, skid plates, raised mufflers, telescopic suspensions, and a larger rear carrier, just to name a few of the changes.

Exported to areas like North America, Brazil, Oceania, and South Africa initially, it quickly developed a reputation as a tough, outdoor machine often used for hunting and fishing. Hence, the nickname Hunter Cub. In Australia and New Zealand, it became known as a “postie” for its use as a mail delivery bike. In Denmark, they became the standard issue bike for Danida workers of the country’s aid organization.

Ironically, it was not sold in Japan until 1981. The CT125 concept comes in the same Tahitian Red color as the CT110, and is powered by the same 125cc engine that appeared in the new Super Cub 125 and Monkey 125 that debuted in 2017.

Differences include a high-mount intake duct and side air cleaner to prevent dust from getting sucked into the engine. The muffler has been raised for clearance, and a sturdier rear carrier allows for larger loads. Steel front and rear fenders mimic the original’s as well, and the new version has front and rear disc brakes with ABS. The idea is for it to be usable in nature but also as a daily.

Sales in Japan ended 1983 and in the US in 1986. However, in some areas of the world CT110S continued to be sold until 2012. It would be pretty easy for Honda to start production of the CT125, as it shares many components with the Super Cub and an engine with the current crop of 125cc bikes. Sounds like they just need to hear some positive feedback.

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7 Responses to Tokyo Motor Show: Could this be the return of the Honda Hunter Cub?

  1. Nigel says:

    Dear Honda, please make this bike.
    (Looks like my first and only bike which cost around $ 150 back in 1981 also a 125cc).

  2. SHUN says:

    Shi%tty hunters, ruining the world day by day.

  3. Michael says:

    Owned a trail 50, 90, and 110. Look forward to buying the new trail 125. The big improvement to my original 50 was the high/low range selector compared to the rear axle sprockets. Over the years I have owner a lot of motorcycles, but non that I ever had were more fun and dependable. Please offer the new super cub in a trail version.

  4. Mike Moore says:

    Please build this bike for US production. .I hunt and fish in Maine and this is what Ive been waiting for . All around commuter and great for folks who love the outdoors. Thanks

  5. Lawrence Devine says:

    Hi I am. from Ireland and I hope can buy this scram soon.

  6. jim says:

    I’ll buy two of them right now!!

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